Keeping Your Mind Sharp Over The Summer

Fun Things To Do With Your Child This Summer To Help Them in Fourth Grade Next Year

Summer is only a couple of days away! We are so proud of all of the great growth and progress each child has made this year. We have had parents ask what they should do over the summer to help their child get ready for fourth grade, below is a list of suggestions. Please know that 30 minutes a day can keep your child skills current and sharp, making the start of the new school year a breeze!


BOOK CLUBS: Summer is a perfect time to start a book club with your family, or your child and their friends. It is so important to keep your child reading over the summer! If you are doing a family book club, you can choose a more challenging book and take turns reading it together. Please work on building a complex vocabulary bank. Choose a book the students will think is fun to read and become invested in. The Harry Potter or Percy Jackson series are perfect for this, or you might consider reading a childhood classic. The important thing is to choose a book that your child will love and want to read. Plan fun activities around your book (cook something a character eats in the book, visit a place a character might visit, etc.) Plan a themed book club party at the end to celebrate your book. If the book has been made into a movie, watch it and compare and contrast the book to the movie. If you need book ideas, please visit with your child's teacher. They will be happy to suggest summer reading titles for you.

The following links have some great book club ideas:

1. For book club questions ideas go to:

2. For culminating book club projects ideas go to:

FLUENCY PRACTICE: It is important to keep kids reading and building their fluency over the summer. Some great ideas are as follows:

1. Karaoke- Karaoke is a fun way for students to practice reading fluency without realizing they are reading!

2. Fluency Passages- Have your child read the same passage each evening for a week. Chart their words per minute. Visit the following site for fluency passages:

Here is a guideline for fluency by grade level:

SUMMER JOURNALS: Keep your child's writing skills sharp this summer. Buy a special journal for your child and have them complete a journal entry each day. Start a family journal each day. Give your child the honor of recording the daily entries, making sure they use correct grammar and punctuation. At the end of the summer compile the entries and send it with pictures to a grandparent. You can also consider turning their entries into a bound book. There are tons of companies that will publish a coffee table book for a reasonable price, what a great way to keep your child motivated to write during the summer.


FACT FLUENCY: It is so important for your child to know their multiplication facts and to keep up with them over the summer! The best way to practice fact fluency is to play games. Play multiplication war with cards, or skunk by rolling two or three dice and multiplying the totals. Practicing fact fluency each day through a quick game will keep them current with their facts

PROBLEM SOLVING: Use everyday activities to practice math skills. Have students keep a running total of items in your grocery cart as you shop, have them estimate the total and round to the nearest ten or hundred. Have students cook and practice measuring so they can work on fractions and measurement. Each day presents opportunities to practice math in a real world setting.

STARTING A WEEKLY ALLOWANCE: Start a giving your child a weekly allowance for chores they complete around the house. Have them open a savings account. Each week have your child deposit money into their saving account and also keep some for themselves to use for the week. Have them keep a running total of their accounts.

TECHNOLOGY: Have students log on to Think Through Math, this is a great resource to use throughout the summer. Prodigy is a fun math based game that is similar to Clash of Clans that the students enjoy. There are tons of apps for you and your family to explore, the sky is the limit.