all me

my life

My childhood

I was born in longview Texas on January 21, 2000 My mom is Thelma renea green my dad is benen ray green. I have two brothers and one sister I was born on a full moon and I have spent my life in 4 different regions in Texas. My favorite food is cheese burgers and fries my favorite singer is Toby Keth and my favorite animal is a horse.

Things that have happened to me

When I was young I had to go to the hospital after my brother told me that the snake replint on our windowsill was candy and I ate it. And a year after that I was outside and I was running barefooted and stepped on a 5 inch nail.

my favorite things

The last two years

What has happen in the last two years

In the last two years I have moved from Gladewater to Kilgore. I now go to Kilgore Middle School and live in a single wide trailer in Kilgore and I love living hear.