How to end GLOWVEMBER strong!

Pick one (or more) to get you even more cash in your pocket!

Get what you want from this month!

Whether you've been plugged in and rocking your business already - OR if you haven't touched your business yet but would like a little extra cash - help is on the way! Take a peek at this list and pick the number(s) that work for you. Then - get busy! Extra cash (and free and half off Stella & Dot) is waiting for you!!!
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1. Turkey Trot

This is a super simple idea - you gather up a few pieces in a tote and give them to someone who is going to wear/share them over the holiday weekend! She gets at least 4 orders with $300+ in sales - she earns $50 for free and two half off items! And it only goes up from there! This is also an incredible sponsoring tool!

POST this to your social media AND text this out to at least FIVE ladies! Who's ready to TROT?!
Who wants to borrow some of my jewels for Thanksgiving week and turkey trot their way to their own FREE Stella & Dot bling??!! Are YOU up to the challenge of looking gorgeous with your friends and fam while away for the holidays?! I've got three totes ready to hand out - first come, first served. Comment below to claim yours! xo

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2. Virtual Style Session!

What's a virtual trunk show? You and your Hostess hop on Facebook for a LIVE, interactive event! You post, she comments, her friends interact and SHOP! Best part - you get to do it in your PJs with a glass of wine in hand!

Never done one before? NO WORRIES!

Here's what you need to do:

1. Review this guide for success to online Style Sessions here:

2. Need a script? Here you go!

3. Want an example? Follow this faux show!

4. Want to hear from a pro? We have one! Julie Kraus did a great FB live on how she slays it in her online Style Sessions - find it here:

THEN: Find your Hostess! Look for gals that are on your S&D radar but live too far to drive to, or those that are super engaged on social media and have a great following. Reach out with these words to say:

"Hey Jenn! I have a really fun idea for you - let's get some of your friends together for a virtual S&D show on Monday night! We can all be at home in their PJs - I will post things online, you'll comment and interact with your friends to get them involved - then they shop and you get some great freebies! Couldn't be easier. What do you say?"

Chemo Care Pouf Challenge

I LOVE this one! It is simple, easy and in line with the spirit of giving back over this upcoming week! Some of your leaders have already laid this out for you already, but if you're not a team that's doing this - that's okay! You can do it on your own!

Find a local hospital or chemotherapy center you'd like to partner with. Your goal will be to have 20 poufs sponsored and then use your commission to stuff them donate them all to this local charity! You simply place orders for your customer and ship them to you - then you drop them off to the charity of your choice. It's a powerful thing to be able to use your business to give back!

Post this to social media and then reach out to your friends/family individually too!

I am looking for sponsors to purchase one (or more) of our poufs ($24) and I will be using the commission to fill each one with items such as socks, lotion & chapstick that these women can use during their chemo sessions to help lift their spirits. Poufs will be stuffed with these items by me and my team and we will also be delivering them to our local hospitals with a written note from each sponsor. I have a goal of sponsoring at least 20! I️'ve really been looking forward to this and I️ am SO grateful to anyone who chooses to support. Comment below if you would like to sponsor a pouf and how many you'd like to sponsor. Thank you so much!! ❤️

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4. Black Friday Trunk Show

Save people from the mall! Want to get rid of your left over desserts? There's no better way to avoid calories and to have some sales! Tell your Hostess to invite friends to come over at the end of the day or in the morning - tell them to avoid the malls and the lines. Stella & Dot will be having a Black Friday special, so guests can take advantage of that sweet deal too!

Better yet - HOST YOUR OWN! Late afternoon or early evening is a great time frame - ladies can swing by after a full day of shopping. You can promise them that this will be the least stressful shopping experience they have all season! :)

Words to say:
Hey Gail! Just thought of you - Stella & Dot is getting ready to release our INSANE Black Friday sale - you will die! Would love to help save your friends from fighting crazy crowds at the mall by doing a fun Stella & Dot pop up shop with them! We could do late afternoon or early evening so those that want to get up early to hit the stores can swing by when they are done - I promise you that they will be thanking you for letting them shop with a glass of bubbly in their hand since other stores frown upon that! What do you say? You'd end up with TONS of jewels for free as a thank you!

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5. Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is on 11/25 and it's the perfect time to get out in your community and start making some connections! Reach out to a local shop - salon, boutique, coffee shop, etc (anywhere where women might be!) - and offer a pop up shop to them! It's a win/win - their customers have an extra reason to come in and you get sales/new contacts!

The best way to market this is by going in person with books in hand, but if you have to call - say this!

Hi! I'm Krista and I run my own small business with Stella & Dot, a boutique-style accessories company. I'd love to partner with you for Small Business Saturday by setting up a pop-up shop in your store. I'll have our gorgeous pieces there that they can shop and we'll have a ton of great sales - and then any free Style Rewards accumulated will go back to you. How does that sound?

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It's that simple! Pick your number(s) and get busy! Cannot wait to watch you all cross this GLOWVEMBER finish line strong!

xo, Krista

Krista Demcher

Proud leader of the Glowing Stones