Building a better place.

Architectural engineering

  • My grandpa did at first then I looked it up and aw what you could with that.
  • I've been interested since 8th grade , that's when I really started looking into it more.
  • You can make almost anything and the thought of building something and making it happen, also building your own house why not.

Person I respect that shares my interest.

My grandfather because, he kinda took care of me when both my parents worked and taught about his work and how he, planned out the blueprints and how he took measurement. And also gave me advice about if I really wanted to do this that I should start talking some classes required.

Top jobs

Guaranteed to be creative, hands on and exciting everyday.


  • How much do they make?
  • How many years of school are required?
  • Do they travel much?
  • Can you be independent or have to work for a company?
  • how may hours does an architect put in?


  • I have to find what classes I should take or that might be useful.
  • I need to research what colleges offer that major.
  • Need to find out how many years of college and more after that.
  • Need to find out what an good architect does and communicates.