CamTech Connection

April 4 - 10, 2016


- Please remember we are using Educator's Handbook for our discipline referrals. If you are writing up tardies, please put which tardy it is and the dates of the tardies (ex: 3rd unexcused tardy 9/12/15, 10/4/15, 11/15/15). The following link provides resources if you need any help with Educator's Handbook:

- Please make sure you check the CamTech Google Calendar for upcoming is filled in for each upcoming month and any upcoming events throughout the school year.

- Two Google Docs have been created (CECHS To Do & CTHS Accomplishments); please make sure you are contributing to them!

- TUTORING: Please remind students of tutoring opportunities on Tuesdays & Thursday


  • The following website by the Amerian Association of School Librarians lists the top apps for 2015:

  • CANVAS mobile app: Have your students download the CANVAS app on their phones or other devices to keep up with your class. To find CamTech on the app, type

  • Released Forms for NCFE & EOCs:


AM: Noblitt

LUNCH: Rogan

PM: Forbes


Monday, April 4th

Tuesday, April 5th

End of Grading period

Baseball @ Lawrence Academy

8th grade parent & student info night @ CCHS cafeteria 7PM

Wednesday, April 6th

DAVIS - Minister's Council mtg. @ 8:30AM

Track @ First Flight

Soccer @ Manteo 6PM

Thursday, April 7th

DAVIS - Out of Office

HOME JV Baseball vs. Northeastern 4:30PM

Base/Softball @ Columbia 6PM

Friday, April 8th

DAVIS - Out of Office