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Communication Survey

Please click the link below to fill out the survey. I want to support you no matter where you are on the journey. Only 5 out of 40 people have filled it out.




Erin Perez Director -$2132.00


Laura Taylor-Director

Katy LaRosa- Sr. Consultant


Robyn Brown- Director




RoxAnne Coriell $432.5

Gina DeVane-Romero $381.5

Nicole Dunn $348.5

Jessica Lindeman $254.5

Rebecca Wallace $219.5

Kasey Lamb $215.0

Jennifer Lingo $119.5

Renee Stainback $117

Michelle Scott $52.5

Jennifer Hughes $42

Theresa MacBride $25

January and your business

January is a tough selling month there is no doubt, but now that you have been through it you can better prepare for it next year. I and so many others make our goal of selling $1000 every month. I make that goal every January. How you ask? Well I work my business more than ever. I text, call, and reach out to past customers. The company incentive is a huge plus in helping as well. If you had nothing on the books is it because you did nothing. With nothing on the books, means no future booking for the following months either. You have to work in order to keep this business going. Set your self up ahead of time and offer the parties and benefits of hosting. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK. Getting a NO means you are where you were before but doing nothings means you will never know if you missed an opportunity.

Your focus should be...

Following 2.10.1 will help you with the following GOALS

Earning National conference bucks
Through our Conference Bucks incentive, you can earn up to $200 off the cost of registration, plus exclusive products and business supplies that will help you grow your business. The earning period runs from January 1 to April 30, 2014.

Recruiting- with the new OJ (opportunity to join) incentive this should make it more fun to share!

Get all the details on ThirtyOneToday.com!


I would love to chat- call me 407-770-9721 and if I am not available then I will call you back for sure- Want to make sure I am there. Schedule a call. GO GET EM ladies, there is a lot to be excited about!