Player Early Childhood Center

September 2021

Player News!

Hello Families,

We are now in our second full week of school and some of our kiddos are looking like they have been here forever! It is wonderful to see how well some have adjusted as they walk into the building each day so confident and proud. They are learning the routines of the classroom and most can follow in a line now.

We do still have new children coming in as they finish up their registration or as they return from family vacations. Please know that the nurse, Ms. Teena, is diligently keeping track of when students return from other states or countries so that students can quarantine for the appropriate amount of time. If any of you go out of town for the Labor Day Weekend, you must notify Ms. Teena of this and you will also have to quarantine before returning to school. I know this is a terrible inconvenience, but it is what the school district requires us to do based on CDC and IDPH guidelines.

Some of you still have not filled out the Getting To Know You form a little further down. Please fill it out if you haven't already. We appreciate your information.

Newsletters will continue to come to you all year through this same website, Smore Newsletters. Please make sure to read them for all updated things happening at the school. Don't forget to "LIKE" the newsletter if you found it to be informative.

Please notice that this newsletter can be translated in other languages for your convenience!!

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Slow Start Up and Orientation

Thank you to all the families that came out to one of our Orientation sessions. We hope that you found it to be helpful. We know that it really helped with supporting your children to feel comfortable on that first day. Some children are not accustomed to being without a parent so we believe this transition helped with first day jitters. Plus, it gave you an opportunity to meet the teacher and learn a little bit more about what we do here at Player School. If you are still unsure about anything at all, please feel free to reach out to one of us here at Player. We are happy to help!

What does my child need for preschool?

Our programs are supported through State of Illinois grants that allow us to offer programming at no cost to anyone. All materials, supplies, and snacks are provided. We do ask that students bring a backpack to carry their papers to and from school. We also ask that you bring a full set of clothes to keep here at school in case of an accidental spill or bathroom accident. The clothes should be placed in a large ziploc bag with your child's name on the bag. Please include pants, shirt, underwear, and socks in the bag. As the weather changes, we may ask you to update the change of clothing to match the season (weather).

Getting to Know You

Please take a moment to fill out the form below to provide us with a little more information about your child. It will also ask about other adults who are allowed to pick up your child. We will not dismiss your child to anyone who you have not indicated as an alternative pick up person besides a parent. You will also have an opportunity to submit any questions you might need to know prior to our orientation days.

Note: If you already filled this out from the previous time I sent it out or from our website, you will not need to do it again.

Transition Times can be hard

Transitions are times in a day when a child is asked to do something different than what he/she is doing. The children transition into and out of school each day. They transition many times during the day, such as going outside and coming inside, and moving from activity to activity. Some children have a lot of difficulty with this so adults need to help them. Below is a tip sheet on ways you can help your child during transition times at home.

Important Dates to Remember!!

Monday, September 6th- Labor Day; No School

Monday, September 20th- School Improvement Day; No PM Classes

Friday, September 24th- Fire Drill Practice

September Snack Menu

Below is the snack menu that was prepared for the month of September. However, we just learned last night that one of the vendors that the district uses to get these items has temporarily closed due to a worker's strike. Our kitchen employee is working to replace these menu items with similar items from another vendor. Please know that we will still ensure that everything is from within the safe snack menu items and will still be free of allergens that any specific student may have. We will make every attempt to keep as many menu items the same or very similar. Thank you for understanding.


In an effort to maintain a beautiful campus, School District 109 applies lawn care products to our school grounds. These products are never applied while children are outside playing, but please be aware that they may be applied on the same day that your child will go out. Parents/Guardians have the right to be notified prior to the application of these pesticides. Should you wish such notification, please contact our school office at your convenience.