Ticket Scalping

Who Needs Tickets? Is Ticket Scalping Legal?


Depending on the state you live in or where the venue is, ticket scalping may be illegal.


15 States ban the scalping activity by giving fines or up to a year in jail if they are caught.


You have to have a permit or be a certain distance away from the venue in order for it to be legal in some states. It is important to read the laws in your state. For example, in Arizona you cannot scalp tickets within 200 feet of the venue. But if you are 200 feet and one inch you can sell the ticket for any price that someone is willing to pay.


You can't be arrested for buying scalped tickets but there is a lot of fraud.


Many scalpers are selling counterfeit tickets or selling tickets for seats that aren't even in the venue. Other problems can happen with online scalping when a group of tickets are purchased with stolen credit cards. The people who buy these tickets are out of luck.


People who don't agree with anti-scalping laws say that scalpers are trying to make a profit and live the American dream. The money they make on selling the tickets is their income.


You can sell tickets legally for up to face value without the risk of breaking the law. Even though the scalping laws are not always enforced, making a profit may not be worth it.