Happy Spring 2016!

Mother's Day and Graduation Gifts!

Sunglasses, Tunics and ENGRAVABLES, oh my!!!

Hello Fashionable Francesca Friends! Happy Spring! Quick update: my philanthropy partner last year was Hope Mohr Dance. Together, we donated a significant amount of my Stella proceeds to HMD for its upcoming 10 year anniversary. Hope makes intelligent art for our SF Bay Area community. This year's philanthropy partner is Every Mother Counts. I'm raising money by running some marathons (Santa Rosa on 8/28 and NYC on 11/6). Running and 10% of jewelry proceeds this year go to Every Mother Counts, Christy Turlington Burns' organization that is making a difference in the world and saving the lives of pregnant women in birthing.

Open up the Champagne...POP! Book your show!

I met many of you at a show and I hope you know that they are FUN! My goal is for people to leave happier than when they came. I often do free raffles, funny style bites, and now, I'm modeling tunics for people which I imagine is amusing to see in action. Anyway, they are FUN, EASY and I LOVE connecting with your friends! Pls. call me to book! You may also book a personal appointment, as some people prefer to shop that way. Booking through August 31st right now. The Fall will open in July.

With sparkles and gratitude,

Francesca Gutierrez Amann

Every Mother Counts + Stella & Dot

Serving mothers around the world.

Insta: @sanfranciscostylist