Preschool House Newsletter

February 2016

A Big Thank You

Sorry I've been a little off my game these last few weeks, and thanks to all of you for being flexible and patient with me. I try very hard to maintain good communication and consistency at preschool, and I've slipped just a little (hence the February newsletter that's coming to you mid February). The good news is that I'm feeling like myself again, and that everyone has been really awesome. So thanks again.

Here at preschool we've been revisiting some "soft skills". I've been focusing centers a lot around cooperative play, compromise, and sharing. I do this by creating situations where there are limited resources for the preschoolers to work with or centers are designed with group play in mind. When preschoolers are younger (3-4.5) they engage more in solo or parallel play (when they are playing alongside other children as opposed to "with" them) As they get older (4.5 and up) preschoolers transition more into cooperative play where they create more elaborate games, with role playing and designated parts. Our older preschoolers are experimenting with this, while having some younger preschoolers in toe. It makes it challenging for them- but what a great way to teach them patience and compromise. Fascinating stuff to watch! It's like my own little social experiment every single day. I love it!

Field Trip To Meridian Gymnastics Academy

Thursday, Feb. 25th, 9:15-10:30am

1530 East Commercial Avenue

Meridian, ID

We're going to have a blast at this field trip! We'll all meet and Meridian Academy of Gymnastics a little before 9:15am. Please dress your preschooler in clothes they can exercise it. The gymnastics teacher will lead the preschoolers in a warm up of floor exercises, and then we'll be let loose in their gym to play on their equipment. Parents, come ready to help at different stations as we explore their space. Siblings are welcome to attend and play along as long as they are 3 years old. Since this is a combined field trip we will have no school the next day, Friday, February 26th

No School Days

Preschool will be closed on Monday, February 15 in observance of Presidents Day. We will also be closed the day after our field trip, Friday February 26th

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