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Notes From Wednesday, March 18th 7pm Class


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Hey girls! It was so nice to see you all the other night! I hope everyone has been getting their much-needed better sleep :o) Here are the notes we took, if there is anything else you have questions or comments about, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Enjoy your oils!!

Notes: 3/18/2015


These oils are super-active in the body and will have an immediate and dramatic effect when used. They are powerful tools to help support your body's systems in returning to homeostasis.

OREGANO must always be diluted! 1:4 with FCO for adults, 1:10 for kids *This is also true for clove, thyme, cinnamon and cassia

Prep skin with 6-8 drops (per area size of about your hand) with FCO for oils that may be extra active on the skin: Breathe, Peppermint, Slim & Sassy, Lemongrass, OnGuard, PastTense, Black Pepper, Spearmint

Avoid sensitive areas of the body: Eyes, inside the ear canal, underarms, groin/reproductive area, butt-crack

*I usually will use at least 4-5 drops on any area I apply any oils to on the body -like the back of the neck or chest- to allow the oils to spread easier with more comfort. This is not always necessary, but I always recommend it for dry and sensitive skin.

DO NOT apply water over areas that are irritated by oils, as this will only increase the activity of the oil. Instead, use any vegetable oil -like Fractionated Coconut Oil or olive oil- to dilute the effects.

Citrus Oils can be photosensitive when applied topically to the skin. This means if you are going to use them this way, avoid sunlight for a minimum of 6 hours, or you may end up with a bit of sun burn. No worries on ingesting or inhaling, they will not effect the skin this way. Check the label for exact timing and conditioning (exception: The lime in the InTune Blend is processed in a way that is safe to apply topically and be in sunlight)

All oils have great therapeutic value by simply inhaling them from the bottle. They have the ability to adjust our moods to however we wish at any moment :o)

Oils that are recommended to inhale as a way to create specific moods are AWESOME to diffuse in a machine throughout the entire day or night (Serenity, OnGuard, Balance, Frankincense, Breathe, Purify, Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, ANY citrus! and so on)

We put oils on the bottoms of our feet because they have the ability to move quickly into the blood stream and to continue to create that reaction in the body over an extended period of time. (time-release)

Many of dōTERRA's Essential Oils are used as supplements in the body, and therefore have supplementation labeling on them. Refer to the table for proper dosing when ingesting.

*Not all oils are alike! The ability for these beyond organic oils to be ingested is due to their extremely high quality- do NOT ingest just any oils, please read labels!

Many oils are suggested to use by ingesting with water - be sure to use only glass containers when using oils, as the oils will break down plastic materials. The only plastic I know to be safe is HDPE (high density polyurethane), but I still do not suggest ingesting from these containers, use them to store only.

Be sure to store your oils in a cool, dark, dry place away from direct sunlight. This will help protect the precious molecules responsible for the therapeutic value of these incredible oils. Keeping them stored properly will allow your oils to last longer than you ;) (*citrus oils are extracted from the peel, and should be used within 16 months of purchase)

the products we discuss are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please consult a licensed medical doctor of you are dealing with any conditions before using essential oils. There are some oils that you should not combine with certain medications.

Some Oils we've Discussed:

**Frankincense:** $93

"When in doubt, Frankincense! I use this oil all day long and especially with meditation"

3 drops in the hands, inhale deeply

Apply to the back of the neck, chest, forehead, temples, wrists and top of the head

Eases tension, supplies oxygen to the brain

Promotes cellular health

Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks

Apply to the bottoms of feet for a grounding effect

Immortelle: Anti-Aging Blend $92.67

"This is my Big Mama oil, literally all the best oils rolled into one beautiful blend. Great for yoga and healing"

-Roll into palms and apply to face, neck and chest and inhale deeply

-Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

-Helps reduce inflammation, a major contributor to aging skin

-Supports skin at the cellular level

-Apply generously to the bottoms of feet to effect mood throughout the day/night

Serenity: Calming Blend $40

"If you need to relax, this is the blend. We diffuse all night long and it's incredible for sleep"

-3 drops in the hands, rub together and inhale deeply

-Apply to the back of neck and around the head to ease tension

-Apply to the bottoms of feet at night to support optimal sleep (REM sleep = healing in the body)

-Provides calming and soothing benefits to help with stress and anxiety

OnGuard: Protective Blend $42.67

"I'm always using this as my 'ew, that was gross' go-to. It's a must-have with any public transportation"

-3 drops in the hands, rub together and inhale deeply - Protects against environmental threats

-Apply 4-6 drops to the bottoms of feet (day or night)

-Add 1 drop to 1 oz water after brushing and gargle (beadlets $20)

-Supports proper immune function

-Safe for use on countertops and surfaces as a non-toxic cleaner

Breathe: Respiratory Blend $26.67

"All of my friends and I use this before we work out, it's also great for when I feel like I need to take a deep breath"

-*prep skin on chest and back with 5-6 drops FCO in hands, rub together and apply

-3 drops in the hands and breathe deeply (inhaler style)

-Supports overall respiratory health

Deep Blue: Soothing Blend $42.67

"Everyone loves Deep Blue. It's really cooling for those common aches and pains everyone deals with"

-Apply 4-10 drops to areas of concern

-Soothes sore muscles and achy joints

-Supports healthy circulation

Elevation: Joyful Blend $49.33

"Elevation is my jammm, I always have it on me as a pick-me-up throughout the day"

-3 drops in hands, rub together and inhale deeply

-Elevates mood and increases vitality

-Energizing and refreshing aroma

Lavender: $28

"This oil taught me how awesome oils are in general. What they do for you physically, they also do emotionally, so as calming and soothing as this oil is to the mind, it works just as well on the skin and nervous system"

-3 drops in the hands, rub together and inhale deeply

-Apply to the neck, forehead, and temples to ease tension and aid in stress and anxiety

-Soothes occasional skin irritations and aids in quicker recovery

-Widely known for it's calming and relaxing qualities

-Apply 4-6 drops to the bottoms of feet to aid in proper sleep

Slim & Sassy: Metabolic Blend $32.67

"No joke, I lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks on this stuff. Granted, that was 15 lbs of weight I had put on quickly, but non the less it works!"

-10-day Slim Down Protocol! 5 drops in 24oz of water 5 times daily (10 days, 250 drops)

-Drink in glass water bottle daily to maintain proper metabolic function

-Dilute with FCO and apply to problem areas to help with cellulite

Grapefruit: $21.33

"The smell of grapefruit really wakes me up and helps me clear my head when my day is dragging"

-Add 2-3 drops to a glass water bottle

-Supports the elimination of toxic fat

-Beneficial for oily skin issues

-Helps reduce mental and physical fatigue

Clary Calm: Women's Monthly Blend $32.67

"I use this every month to help me with PMS- mine isn't too bad, but let's face it ladies, we all could use a little hormonal support"

-Roll over the lower abdomen and under the chin

-Helps balance hormones

-Used specifically to provide rest from cramps, nausea, hot flashes and emotional swings

AromaTouch: Massage Blend $34.67

"I looovee the smell of AromaTouch! It's got a way of getting deep down into muscle tissue that will really leave you feeling at ease"

-Apply 4-6 drops to neck and shoulders, and inhale from hands deeply

-Relaxes muscles and calms tension

-Promotes circulation

-Soothes joints

Lemon: $13.33

"Lemon in my water helped me completely kick all sodas and juices from my diet. Best move I ever made for my health"

-Add 2-3 drops into a glass water bottle

-Known as a powerful aromatic and internal cleanser

-Diffuse throughout the day to uplift mood

-Can be used throughout the home as a non-toxic cleanser

Peppermint: $27.33

"I often drop peppermint right into my mouth to freshen my breath, as I don't use gum or mints anymore"

-Drop one drop in the mouth as a breath freshener (beadlets $15.33)

*used in toothpaste and gum for oral health

-*diliute with FCO on skin, apply to areas of concern

-Known to aid in relief of mild pain in the body (cooling)

-3 drops on hands, rub together and inhale deeply

*be careful not to touch eyes, may burn a bit (but you'll be fine)

-Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing

-2-3 drops in a glass water bottle as a refreshing beverage

-Alleviates stomach upset

Marjoram: $25.33

"My sister and mother swear by marjoram, it's the only thing that soothes the tension in their muscles"

-4-6 drops on areas of concern

-Soothes tired and stressed muscles

-Valued for its positive effects on the nervous system

-Supports the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

Oregano: $32

"If you want to be a bad-ass oil user, gargle 1 drop of oregano with 1 oz water. I bet you can't do 30 seconds. If you do, say goodbye to the pain in your throat- works like a charm"

-Add 1 drop to 3 Tbsp olive oil and other spices as a great dip with bread

-3 drops on the bottoms of feet to help fight unwanted germs

-Excellent source of phenolic acids and flavonoids (powerful antioxidants)

-Supports healthy digestion and respiratory support

-used as a cleansing agent

Essential Oil Usage and Safety

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