Red Devil Reflections

May 5

EOC Makeup List - Mr. Alexander

Teachers just to double check as I go through all the exams, if you can check with your students to see if any of them missed part of an exam. Please email the names of students.

We will begin rolling make-ups Friday and Monday.

Almost there!!!!!!!!!!

IT End of Year Reminders

As we are nearing the end of another school year, I need all of your assistance with the following requests. If any of you are saving documents directly to your desktop, please make sure you are also saving them to your F: drive or a jump drive. In the event the computer crashes, MIS will not have a way to recover the documents if they were only saved to the desktop. In addition, if the computer has to be reimaged over the summer, all documents saved to the desktop will be lost forever.

We suggest that you always save documents to your F: drive or jump drive and never to the desktop. This approach will assist MIS with recovering the documents in the event of a hard drive crash or reimage is needed.

Please remember all technical equipment must remain plugged in and connected over the summer. Please do not disconnect any technology equipment in classrooms or labs. All telephones and computers are assigned to the classrooms or labs and not individuals. If you will be moving to another classroom next school year, you will use the equipment that is already assigned to that particular room.

Thank you in advance for your compliance with these requests and enjoy the rest of your day.

Senior Exemption Reminders

Use of the exemption is totally up to you. If you choose to allow, please email a list of approved names to Mrs. Standifer by Monday, May 9th. Please also cc: myself, Mr. Ingram, Mr. Joyner and Mr. Alexander on the email.

PTSA Party

Food from the yesterday's PTSA party is available in the Media Center Teacher Lounge (check the refrigerator).

Please contact me if you locate a women's watch among the dishes.


Teacher Technology Self Assessment

Please take a few minutes TODAY to complete the Technology Self-Assessment. The data will be used to determine professional development at DHHS & DCSD.

Thank you in advance!