Dangerous Beast on the loose

by ethan mcguire

News BEAST on the Loose

Watch out thers's a beast on the loose he has sharp teeth, strong jaws and big claws this animals is small but fast it has skill its strong and dont touch it you will get poissned by its spikes do not go near it.This animal has good smell, goodeyes and very good hearing if see this animals do not apporch you can be eaten alive.


Just a family

The Fracodile is on a rampage it is gettting hunted down there is fifty men looking for it.Seven has not responed we are getting helicopters as just now i've heard its heading for the trees they just lost it the helicopter is landed droping off 14 men.Its to fast we now have blockaids around the area we are sending out riot shield's out we have only fourteen men left they are trying to regroup but 1 man always die in a minute we think there's more then one.Incoming call there is 3 Fracodiles but there's a baby we think this is there home we are going to block of the entre's so there can be happy as a family we are not sure so we got camps of troopers waiting we are puting food in the back of the woods so there stay at the back so no one will be harmed.Now today everyone comes together for a party of the Fracodile they come out and you put food around every year we all will remember the Fracodile.We have an experience animal called the Fracodile maby there somthing bigger then the king of the jungle.