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Benefits Of Air-Powered Hand Tools

Air tools are one of the new-generation machines which are emerging out in finding numerous applications ranging from homes to industries. They come good with tremendous power in making tedious tasks to be completed easily, quickly and efficiently. Pneumatic tools are now available in variety of styles from air-based pumps to simple handheld equipment. Quality air-run machines have higher strengths and can handle massive wear and tear. Knowing the benefits of air-based applications, people are switching to these in the current scenario.

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Here are few benefits of Pneumatic handheld machines that can help you determine its efficiency, take a look

Higher Safety:

Using an air tool more than electrical equipment makes the working environment a lot safer. As they do not have an electrical link there is no possibility for electrocution. This also enables these machines to be used in damp areas without any risk of electrical hazards.

Reduces Electricity Consumption:

In air-run applications electricity is sufficient to drive the compressor's motor alone. No other part in the pneumatic system requires electricity and hence the electricity demand is kept to minimum. As long as there is compressed air, the air-run machines can be run directly.


Pneumatic machines can be run without interruptions for hours together despite intense work. These do not get heated or over loaded. Practically they have a longer life when compared to the conventional electrical machines.

Ergonomic Design:

As there is no need of heavy motor, designers can make the design pattern ideal for the intended use. Because of the absence of iron parts and other heavy elements, air-based machines are lighter in weight.

Higher Power:

In comparison to an electrically powered machine, pneumatic tools have the ability to deliver more torque and higher revolutions per minute enabling users to accomplish their tasks more quickly and effectively.


Purchasing an air compressor is a larger initial investment but the affordable tools and accessories can quickly offset the added expense. Similarly, purchasing a single compressor is similar to purchasing dozens smaller machines with smaller electrical motors which will be troublesome one day or the other.

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