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Progress Reports & State Fair Tickets - 9/27

These came home today so be sure to look for them!

TeamConnor giving extended through 10/3

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Carpool Reminder

I am seeing a lot of cars in front of our office that are not following the approved safety pattern. No car should enter the driveway in front of our office during pick-up or drop-off; it is an exit only.

Also, cars should not cross the mid-point of our driveway - note the lime green line in the above picture. Parents should not stop in front of the office or park in the handicap spaces to drop off students. We occasionally have students who require extra assistance and they have been granted permission to use the handicap spaces. Also, don't use the spaces marked "Staff Parking" at any time.

Follow the published traffic guidelines at all times; if you are going against traffic, then you are doing something wrong. There is really no reason for walkers during drop-off; please use the carpool lanes as they run very smoothly.

Thank you for your help in creating a safe environment for everyone!

K-4 Basketball Skills program - October

If you are interested in an after-school basketball skills program for your student, follow this link for more information and to register.

Parent Organization (PTO) Website/Store/Resources

The Lion's Pride PTO is proud to announce the launch of a brand new online store and website! You'll be able to purchase weekly treats, sponsor a teacher/staff lunch or join the PTO (+so much more) with the click of a button! Visit www.lionspridepto.com for products and details!

English Language Learners

The Frisco Public Library offers 2 types of free English Classes for Adults:

Informal English Chats: https://www.friscolibrary.com/event/esl-english-chat

English Grammar/Pronunciation/Conversation: https://www.friscolibrary.com/event/esl-language-lab

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