Mrs. Schram

*8th Grade Algebra 1*/*7th & 8th Grade Pre-Algebra*

  • 1st Period 7:50-8:45
  • 2nd Period 8:49-9:45
  • 3rd Period 9:49-10:44
  • 4th Period 10:48-11:43
  • 5th Period 11:47-12:42
  • Lunch 12:42-1:12
  • 6th Period 1:16-2:11
  • 7th Period 2:15-3:10 (Conference Period)

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

  • Be prompt.
  • Be prepared-paper,pencil, homework.
  • Be Respectful.
  • Be Attentive.
  • Be a TIGER!!!

Why was the math book sad? "It had too many problems!!!!"

Things to know:

  • Homework is assigned daily.....It provides the necessary practice for students to become proficient in the concepts that are taught.
  • Tutorials are available daily. There is a late bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Students' are welcome to stay on other days, but will need to provide their own transportation home. Students may also schedule tutorials in the morning.


Algebra 1: Text @h7b266 to 81010.

8th Grade Pre-Algebra: Text @gah3h3 to 81010.

7th Grade Pre-Algebra: Text @3bkka to 81010.

Contact Information: