Roald Dahl Author Study Project

By Anastasia Uhland

Early Life

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916, in Llandaff, South Wales, United Kingdom, to Norwegian parents. After his father died when Dahl was four, his mother followed her husband's wish that Dahl be sent to English schools. Dahl first attended Llandaff Cathedral School, after causing much trouble Dahl's mother moved him to St. Peter's Boarding School and later to Repton, an excellent private school. Dahl would later describe his school years as "days of horrors" filled with "rules, rules and still more rules that had to be obeyed," which inspired much of his gruesome fiction. Though not a good student, his mother nevertheless offered him the option of attending Oxford or Cambridge University when he finished school. His reply, recorded in his book about his childhood called Boy: Tales of Childhood, was, "No, thank you. I want to go straight from school to work for a company that will send me to wonderful faraway places like Africa or China." Roald Dahl went into the oil business and stayed there for 5 years until WW2 starts and he joins the Royal Air Force (RAF)

Later Life

While serving in the RAF Dahl crash-landed. The plane crash left him with serious injuries to his skull, spine and hip. Following a recovery that included a hip replacement and two spinal surgeries, Dahl was transferred to Washington, D.C., where he was sent to work.While in Washington, D.C., Dahl met with author C.S. Forrester, who encouraged him to start writing. Dahl published his first short story in the Saturday Evening Post. It was called “Shot Down over Libya” This really kicked of the writing. If you wish to read the story there is a link below. Once his writing was stable Dahl married film actress Patricia Neal, the marriage lasted three decades and resulted in five children.

Literature Focus: Fantastic Mr. Fox

This a story about a clever fox and his fight to keep himself and his family safe from the three antagonists; Boggis, Bunce, and Bean farmers who are done with Mr. Fox's theft of their farms. They will work together to try and take down Mr. Fox. I loved this book and especially loved the movie version of it. I loved how Mr. Fox is a leader in a time of need, this might be to empower people to stand up and out fox your oppressors.
FANTASTIC MR. FOX - Official Theatrical Trailer