Room 322 News

A weekly review

January 4-8, 2016

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a wonderful 2 weeks with your families celebrating the holidays.


With the new year, we have begun new interventions/enrichments in all DragonTime groups to continue giving your students extra work in the skill areas they need most to grow their reading


This week in math has been split between reviewing material covered before break (2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shape attributes, partitioning shapes, etc.) and expanding on partitioning shapes by introducing the concept of equal shares and fractions (halves, thirds, and fourths are the focus of this stage). Students are doing a great job with remembering our math workshop procedures, and have enjoyed the new material. We will be taking our geometry post-test next week then transitioning into our new unit: Measurement.

  • Suggestion: During the day, ask your child to read a clock and say what time it is. During checkouts at the store, or if your child gets an allowance, ask your child to help you count the correct amount of money they'll need. These tasks take about a minute to do but will benefit your child so much!

Word Work:

Before break, students took the Words Their Way Spelling Inventory again (the same test is administered at the beginning, middle, and near the end of the year) and I have switched around groups to make sure they are getting instruction where they will benefit most from. I was very pleased with how they did on their inventory and all groups are making great progress--their hard work is paying off! I was able to start small group instruction with groups on Friday so the test on their new words will take place near the end of next week.


To recognize the beginning of the new year, we have been focusing a lot of our discussions and writings on reflecting on 2015 and creating resolutions for 2016. Students chose a goal they wanted to accomplish in the 2016 year and we created a banner in the hallway to show our goals! We also brainstormed and wrote a journal entry reflecting on 2015 (either something fun, something memorable, something with their families, or something done in school).

  • Ask your child: What resolution did you want to work towards in 2016? (There were some...creative ones ;) ) Talk with your family about resolutions!


Early on in the week we focused on some comprehension activities to get students back into that scholarly mindset as it is Reading3D testing season again! Students will take 3 tests: Word recognition (do they know sight words?), DORF (oral reading fluency), and TRC (text reading comprehension--oral and written). The window for these tests opened up Wednesday and closes at the end of the month, and it very well might take that long to get the whole class tested. iReady diagnostic 2 will be taken this month as well. Phew! Our nonfiction unit will continue about 2 more weeks and students were introduced to a file folder project on Friday that they will be working on in the coming weeks.

Science/Social Studies:

Starting next week, we will begin doing our science-social studies split classes with Mrs. Barber again (I know students are very happy to hear that!) Mrs. Barber will be taking over social studies and I'll be doing science. Our first science unit is going to be Matter and Energy and I am very excited because science is one of my favorite subjects to teach--expect lots of fun there!

ENCORE Next Week

Monday: Chinese (have your child remember a notebook if they have one at home to use for this class)

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: Science

Early Dismissal Forms

Please return the yellow early dismissal forms to me at your earliest convenience if you have not done so already. This has important information about what your child is eating for lunch and how they will get home. The early dismissal day is next Friday, the 15th. (Monday and Tuesday the 18th/19th are days off for students as well)

Reading Log

I checked blue reading logs today for PizzaHut coupons (I will send these home Monday). For this next month, instead of me setting the goal as ten, I let students come up with a goal for themselves at the bottom of the page. That is the amount of books they are aiming to have read and finished in January. With in class reading time and at home nightly reading for 20 minutes they should be able to achieve their goal and it's tailored to better suit their needs as readers. We have talked about the importance of writing down the books they read in class and at home and I appreciate your support in helping them with that!

Classroom Jobs

Much to the class' happiness--we finally have classroom jobs! Students had to present job requirements to each other then fill out a job application with their top 3 choices and why they think they would be qualified for it. Finally they signed a pledge of responsibility and were given their jobs on Wednesday. Everyone has been excited and demonstrating how to be great leaders in their jobs!

Class Dojo Reward- Crazy/Mismatch Day!

This week was a bit of a jumble with getting back into the swing of things, starting testing, and Thursday was a round robin day in second grade so no points were given out--that being said, I was really impressed overall with the behavior of our class this week. For those reasons, I decided we are going to celebrate our accomplishments by having a whole class reward and the class decided on


So your child should feel free to wear crazy and colorful socks and shoes, mismatched clothes, etc. Should be fun :) Next week we will return to our normal 30 points in a week dojo system.

Mystery Walkers

Some of you may have noticed, there is a new behavior on Class Dojo--Mystery Walker! In efforts to encourage positive line behavior, I have cards next to the door with everyone's name on them and before we leave I secretly choose one. If that student does a great job, they get a bonus 'mystery walker' point. If they don't set a great example in the hall, then there isn't a consequence other than knowing they didn't get that bonus point. Since no one but myself knows the card drawn, everyone has been trying to be on their best behavior in case it is them--nearly everyone who has been picked as mystery walker has earned the bonus point, we have got quite a few compliments from other teachers/administrators and most importantly I'm so impressed with the positive affects it's had on their line behavior!