The Pigman

Paul Zindel

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Main Characters

Lorraine Jensen- Lorraine is a high school sophomore. She is sensitive, compassionate, and very skillful. She is also a main protagonist in the book.

John Conlan- John is a rebel child. He has a problem with authority and his father. He lies a lot, mostly to everyone except Lorraine. He can always come out and talk with Lorraine about whatever that's on his mind. John is also a main protagonist in the novel. He is a high school sophomore as well.

Norton Kelly- Norton is the main antagonist in the book. He is a classmate of John and Lorraine. He spends his time stealing and destroying others belongings. In the book he goes in to Mr. Pignatis house and destroys all of his glass pigs he loves.

Angelo Pignati- Mr. Pignati is a main character in the Pigman. He is a old widower that lives in John and Lorraines neighborhood. His nickname is The Pigman because of his last name and of his collection of glass pigs. He guides John and Lorraine with small lessons throughout the novel.

Protagonists Problem

The main protagonists in the story are John and Lorraine. There main problem is that there trying to get their parents attention. Both of there parents have problems with them. Also they are trying to find guideness in there lives with someone to help them.

Protagonist Memorable moment

John and Lorraines most memorable moment is when they where with Mr. Pignati at the zoo. They finally realized a lot of life's meaning when Mr. Pignati had a heart attack and instantly passed away.

Protagonist Important Action

John and Lorraines important action is when they find out that Mr. Pignatis wife has passed away. They start devoting their time to him after school and on weekends. They bring him gifts, food and show him lots of love and care what they don't receive in their homes.

Antagonist Problem

Norton who is the main antagonist has many problems. His main problem is that he is a troublemaker. He trashed Mr. Pignatis house and did not care. It was his fault that Mr.Pignati was upset with John and Lorraine.

Antagonist memorable moment

Nortons most memorable moment is when he went to Mr. Pignatis house and destroyed all of his glass pigs they where very important to him.

Antagonist Important action

Norton's important action was when he got John and Lorraine in trouble. John and Lorraine learned more about life when they upset Pignati.

other characters on other main characters

The Old Lady- The old lady is Johns mother. She has obsessive compulsive disorder. She believes that John must go see a therapist because of the way he acts.

Dennis Kobin- Dennis is Norton's partner in crime. Whatever reckless thing Norton is doing, Dennis will follow and do whatever he says. He destroys and steals just like Norton.

Main characters on other characters

Bore- Bore is Johns father. John dislikes his father because he is a heavy drinker and he is always telling John that he wants him to follow in his footsteps. Also he pays no attention to John and that's all John wants is, attention from his father.

Norton likes his friend Dennis. Dennis does whatever he tells him to do. Also he is a troublemaker just like Norton.

my impression of protagonist

I like how John and Lorraine are helpful and caring about Mr. Pignati. I do not like how they get into trouble sometimes when its dumb acts of immaturity. They are like me because i do reckless things sometimes but i always can be caring for people and help them out.

my impression of antagonist

I like how Norton is a rebel in some ways of the story. I do not like how he destroyed Pignatis house and his glass pigs. Also he has no feelings for anybody's opinion. He is like me by being reckless.

Characterization: In the end

John and Lorraine are more of static characters because they interact with a old man they barely know and the adventure goes from there.

Norton is more of a dynamic character because if he hadent of destroyed Pignatis house John and Lorraine wouldn't have found out the real reason of life and how important it is.

The other characters are flat because they hardly are in the novel. They make some impact to the story but not much.


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