Soling Class Newsletter

By: Susie and Jamie


In reading we are reading our story of the week and it is called I love Saturdays y domingos. Domingos means Sundays. We are learning about finding the main idea and supporting details.
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This week in math we are learning about fractions and we have a math test for Unit 8.
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In music we had a test about the orchestra.
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In P.E we are playing kickball.The score was 22 to 23. Also in P.E we are playing wiffle ball.
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We are getting ready for our Art show in 2 weeks!

Star Student

Our star student is Eric. Connor accidentally photo bombed the picture.
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Important Dates

Book Fair ~ May 9-13

Art Show ~ May 12-13

National Walking Day

Please remember to walk this weekend with your child, sign the slip, and return on Monday for a $5 Husky Buck.