Ben Carson


  • Dreamed of being a doctor
  • had rarely seen one himself
  • was fascinated by all that doctors did
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Early Childhood and Education

  • Grew up very poor
  • had poor grades and was bullied, grades turned around through help of his mother
  • enjoyed reading, escape
  • faced ridicule, but some saw he needed more challenging work
  • worked his way through college at Yale


  • bullying
  • anger issues over silly things
  • knife incident-turning point with anger

Back on Track

  • went to med school
  • got married
  • chief resident
  • moves to Australia
  • First separation surgery


  • Became a very well know neuro-surgeon
  • wrote an autobiography "Gifted Hands" and two other books
  • has 50 honorary doctorate degrees
  • got medal of freedom-highest civilian honor 2009
  • plus a lot more!...