NoYou Don't Have Teenage Alzheimers

Here Are A Few Tips To Help You Remember!

"I can't remember IS a valid excuse!"

TIP # 1

Focus on what you are studying; to do this you must rid yourself of all distractions. Try to set aside a good while every day to study in a quiet calm environment!

TIP #2

Avoid Cramming! Try to set aside a certain amount of time each day to ensure that you never have to "cram". It does NOT help you to remember.

TIP #3

Structure and Organize the Information you are studying! When the information you are studying is clear and neat it is easier to understand and remember!

TIP #4

Utilize Mnemonic Devices to your advantage! They can really help you to make a connection to something you are studying this is known as chunking.

TIP #5

Elaborate and Rehearse the Information you are studying . To do this you need to elaborate on what the concept means, It helps you to remember better when you fully understand everything within somethings meaning.

TIP #6

Visualize to Improve Memory and Recall. Using pictures and graphs help you to understand what you are studying. Also the use of different colors helps you to remember as well, this is because these different colors (in our brains) group together.

TIP #7

Relate the New Information to Things You Already Know. When you do this you are making connections to things you already know. This helps you to remember what you are learning because it reminds you of something you already have knowledge of.

TIP #8

Teaching New Concepts to another person, not only helps the other person but your self as well. This is because orally recalling the information helps for the information to become more prominent in your mind.

TIP #9

Pay Attention to especially difficult information. When you focus on difficult concepts it helps you to remember more of its meaning because you devote more time to its prominence and importance in your mind.

TIP #10

Get Sleep!! Probably the best tip that can be given. Studies have shown that sleep is important for memory and learning. Studies have shown that taking a nap after you have learned something new you help you to remember better and learn faster.