What is Pre-sports like?

By: Cesar Gutierrez

What do you do in Pre-sports?

Pre-sports at first could be scary, but later you'll get used to it. What you do in Pre-sports is play sports like football, basketball, soccer and running. It's basically like PE, but mostly you play sports.

What do you play in Pre-sports instead of sports?

Other than playing sports you also play games, games like free throws, dodgeball and tackle. This 1 game that you might've never heard of, tackle is like dodgeball except the coach picks 4 people who get the dodgeballs and they chase around players who don't have a ball. If they throw the ball and it hits a player who isn't it they're out, but if they catch it the ball then they're it and the ball player isn't it anymore, it keeps going on until the 4 players who are it g o face-to-face with each other.