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To Michelle Smith

I am a young boy with a really great skill that can be used for good or bad. I am a really good hacker. My problem is that I have hacked into a very hudge company and they were on my trail . I have also been finding out more and more information about the government scene I hacked them ,but not on purpose. The information is things that I don't think that I am supposed to know. My bestfriend who is not a hacker but helps me find the information. Is now a little scared to but he has no reason he didn't really do anything. Now I think that the Gov/CIA are on to us. And I don't know what to do is there any way you could help us.

To young boy with a really great skill

You have to be brave and find a way out of this situation. I may not know you but you seem very smart. So if you were smart enough to get yourself into this situation it is only right that you and only you can find your way out. With that being said I wish you the best of luck.

Brain Jack movie

Sam Wilson comes to the greatest hack of his life . Based on the book by Brian Falkner, Sam a young teen with a very big problem. Has now hacked inside a very big company which he didn't know would earn him a spot in a very big problem. He now has to find a way to get out of this problem, but his best friend Fargas tags along in the adventure. They receive new and improved technology but it isn't the basic. He noticed if he can hack someone else's computer they could hack him, but what if he was online and plugged in ? Would he have more to worry about hen that ? He will find what the future holds for him !
Hackers '95 (Complete)

Feature Article

Sam Falkner went to the hackers convention and made new friends named Skullface and Rock chick bride but those aren't their real names. They talked about the past convention and how it took place in las Vegas. With the huge dark clouds and the hole pace just disappeared,but cone to find out it took place in the white house. They wanted find out what was going on,so they are going to hack into the white house. There are so many fire walls and things to get threw they dint think that sam can do it. They were wring sam got threw most of it but the last part the white house ups network had to let him in. Now sam is a very generous yet a little stubborn young man. He will have to wait and while he does that he thinks of the things he will / might be able to do.

Help Wanted

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Nero Headphones

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