Bullying Prevention

By: Ryan Mandelis and Alain Gonzalez

Places to Go (Resources)

-Counseling Center in Jamesville-DeWitt High School


-Dr. Michael Pratts, MD (301 Prospect Ave, Syracuse, NY 13203)

-Dr. Hector R. Biaggi, MD (410 S Crouse Ave, Syracuse, NY 13210)

Signs that a Child is Being Bullyied

  • -Random Injuries
  • -Broken Possessions
  • -Faking Sickness
  • -Insomnia
  • -Worse Grades
  • Information about Bullying

    Bullying is the use of threats and attacks on someone to make them feel worse about themselves. Many kids around the world struggle with being bullied.

    Quick Statistics

    -More than 3 million kids get bullied yearly.

    -About 160,000 kids skip school daily to avoid bullies.

    -About 14% of kids are involved in bullying.

    -10% of students drop out of school due to bullying.

    How to Help

    -Talk to them.

    -Inform them on places to go, like a school counselor.

    -Tell the school.

    -Persuade them to tell their parents.