Digital Writing

Transforming Writing to Fit the Needs of the 21st Century

What is Digital Writing?

Digital Writing can be any type of writing that incorporates digital technology. Digital storytelling, blog posts, emails, text messages, Facebook updates, reviews on GoodReads, tweeting and so much more have expanded the opportunities for writing in so many ways. Our students are surrounded by invitations to engage in digital expression. However, with such opportunities comes the need for additional skills.

Why is it time to change the way we instruct?

The world our students will enter is beyond what we could ever imagine. They are confronted with information and tasks we never dreamed of having as youth. With these new opportunities comes new responsibility. It is our job, as educators, to prepare them as best we can for the world they will enter. Likewise, it is our responsibility to hear their voices and support them in their endeavors.
Digital Storytelling - Student Perspective

The Possibilities

Through digital writing, the world is the audience and all things are possible. An elementary student can start a cause. As well as, the wisdom of our elders can be recorded and shared. Distances can be shortened, differences can be better understood, ideas can be shared, and we can work as one. However, effective communication is the key.

Importance of Teaching Effective Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy:

Engaging young minds in discussion and offering everyone the means to publish.