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Springtime = Party Time

Get rid of your winter blues and plan a little get together for you and your friends. It may still be too brisk for a BBQ, but how about a cocktail party?

Here are 5 tips on hosting your own cocktail party event:

1. Give it a theme (Whiskey Tasting, Spring Is In the Air, etc.)

2. Provide the basic variety of options for attendees, both alcohol and non-alcohol based.

3. Create a signature drink. If you are doing a cocktail party in lieu of a typical engagement party, test this drink(s) to help determine your wedding cocktail.

4. Make sure you plan accordingly.

5. Have fun!

Hello, Men? It's About You too!

Men are so often overlooked during the time of wedding planning. But, remember they are one half of the whole that will be created. Be sure to include them too. One thing that men can struggle with is their suits. Should it be suit and tie or a tuxedo? Vest or no vest? Rent or purchase? Color? Style? Should the groomsmen match? See ladies, they have their own set of fashion drama.

Before setting out on this journey to the right jacket fit for your wedding. Consider your body type.

For the Tall and Thin: We know that you can wear just about any style. While a classic a two button jacket with a notched collar will always work, consider upgrading to a three or four button jacket for a classier, classic look.

For the Tall and Stout: Consider a bolder style with a one button, thin lapels jacket. The one button eludes to a slender waist, while the thin lapels further elongate your body.

For the Short and Slender: Keep it GQ in a jacket with a "low button stance" (in suit speak) to elongate the V shape on the coat, which will also elongate your body. Avoid double-breasted jackets, shawl collars, and four button jackets.

For the Short and Stout: Think about bring trendy with a one or two button shawl collar jacket with flat, narrow lapels and a low button stance for a look that elongates your body and trims your waist. Avoid double-breasted jackets and jacket short than your average sports coat.

EA Note of the Month: Guest Who's Coming

Creating a guest list can be the least fun thing to do in planning a wedding, but it is the most important, so it needs to done in time. Here are some tips to help navigate a difficult guest list:

  • Create your dream guest list.
  • Be realistic about your budget and set your number of guest accordingly.
  • If you have others (i.e. parents) helping you with the budget, be sure to allow them a say in the guest invites as a courtesy. Based on your absolute maximum number of attendees, an easy way to do this is to say they can invite X number of people.
  • Create cutting rules to help you narrow down your dream guest list to a realistic number of people you can invite. Good rules of thumb:
  1. If you have not spoken to, met or heard their name before. (This is more specific to your parents list. If you do a cut from their list, make sure it's justifiable as you don't want any ill-will from them during this already stressful period.)
  2. Is this an evening affair and they have an early bed time. Little kiddos may have to nixed.
  3. If you have not spoken to them in three years and they're not related to you.
  4. Anyone who's on the list because you feel guilty about leaving them off. In exchange for a little guilt, is less financial stress for you. So, if they aren't your close friend or family member, consider if your guilty is really justified.
  • Avoid last minute add-ons. Don't let others bully you into extending invites you can't afford. Create the boundaries, as well as your max number of invitees and stick to it.
  • Remember, it is about you (or rather we for couples): your event, your stress, your finance, your future. It’s okay to say No if it will affect you negatively.

A Beautiful Story: Unleash Your Alter Ego

A fun photo shoot taking place April 18 and April 19 at the Sheraton Hotel Pentagon City (900 South Orme Street, Arlington, VA 22204)

The concept of an alter ego photo shoot became popular when celebrity photographer Derek Blanks shared photographs he had taken of different celebrities, singers, and athletes and their alter egos. The idea was then repeated on an episode of the reality television show “Atlanta Housewives”, as the stars of the show decided to do a shoot as a girl’s only event.

Treat yourself to some fun and start your spring season off right! Join Envisioned Affairs, LLC and award winning photographer Dave McIntosh, as we join forces to present a fun and creative two-day event “Unleash Your Alter Ego” Portrait and Alter Ego Photo Shoot.

What is an alter ego? The second personality of one self, wanting to get out, the singer, dream occupation, celebrity impersonator, superhero, or comic book villain you’ve always admired. Whatever two egos you decide to capture in one breathtaking photo...it's up to you!

For registration and more information, click here.

Blog Talk Feature – Envisioned Affairs

It was our pleasure to be featured recently on MulTiplicity’s Blog Talk Radio Show…take a listen here.

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