Just one tip at a time...

I promise!

Introducing...a weekly newsletter for teachers at the primary grades


I'm Janet Hess! In case we haven't met, I am a Literacy Coach with Monroe 2 BOCES.

I am sharing this newsletter with you to offer you ONE helpful tip or immediately use-able resource once each week.

In this (sometimes) crazy new world of virtual learning, the variety and quantity of resources and ideas being published and passed along can be simply overwhelming.

I promise each week to be as brief as possible! I will share only ONE resource or idea that I believe will be most helpful right now.

Those of you who have met and know me, may be thinking what a challenge it will be for ME to keep it brief (lol. I can be a little chatty). But I vow to do my best to keep the chatter to a minimum. :)

And on that note...on to this week's resource!

What this resource is all about:

This resource was created for Parents by the Early Learning Collaborative at State Ed. It is designed to offer options for learning experiences AT HOME, with everyday materials and tasks - with questions to ask to guide the learning.

This particular resource will not require materials that are not readily available in most homes, and provides options for homes without technology.

There are even videos of a young child performing some of the activities!

Resources to the left are for PreK and K children. Scroll to the RIGHT for resources for grades 1-3.

Check it out!