Athletic Trainers

By: Hans Ernst

What do Athletic Trainers do?

Try to prevent and help athletes recover from sports injuries and illnesses. They are the first people there when injuries happen. They also must meet regularly with doctors on treatment plans. Athletic trainers must also do minor jobs during sports games such as taping ankles and helping players off the field and finding out the severity of the injury. However some do work in offices and rehab facilities (including hospitals).

Why I chose this career.

It works with sports and I enjoying watching/playing sports.

Skills needed?

Know medical procedures and able to recognize them. Deal with emotional you have to make fast decisions make fast decisions that can decide if a sports players day is over.


You need to have a Bachelor or Master’s degrees to be a Athletic Trainer.
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What branch of science?

Physical because these people have to know a lot about the body and bone structures. Plus Athletic Trainers must know where the injury happened on the body and for example how much force was used to break a bone or another injury.
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Interesting Facts

Some travel a lot because they work for pro sports teams. First doctors when injuries happen. They had 18,200 jobs in 2010. 27% work for colleges and top schools.