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Trends in Technology - March 2019

Upgrade Your Office and your X: Drive

OFFICE 2019 is now available for Crowley ISD Faculty and Staff

Upgrade your Office Suite to the newest version

REMEMBER: You will not receive an email that directs you to click on a button immediately that will start the download so that the update will occur. These are PHISHING SCAMS that are attempting to get your logon information. You will however, receive a POPUP message on your computer, NOT an email, if you have not upgraded by April 30th.

To avoid this annoying POPUP, please make time to upgrade to Office 2019 by:

  • Navigating to your district issued computers start menu >>
  • Scroll to Microsoft System Center >>
  • Click on Software Center >>
  • Select Office 2019 Pro >>
  • Click on install. (If you already have the latest version, the software center will ask you if you want to uninstall, that is not necessary. You are up to date and ready to go. Exit the software center and have a great day.)
  • Some of you have versions that will require you to contact the Help Desk to help with uninstalling and reinstalling. This is normal and there is nothing wrong with your computer.

So please do not click on any emails that promise to upgrade your software by clicking a button or hyperlink. Technology Services will always send you directions how to accomplish this upgrade and give you a verifiable district resource to utilize.

If you experience issues with the installation, please put in a work order through Eduphoria! or contact the help desk for assistance. 817-297-5873

X: Drive is going away :(

X Drive vs. Microsoft One Drive

We are going to be moving away from using the X drive and migrating to using OneDrive. There are several advantages to OneDrive.

  • You won't have to back up your files. They will be online.
  • You will have access to your files from any computer or mobile device.
  • You are able to collaborate and share files your working on with other people.

We will turn off the ability to create and save files to your X drive on April 2nd.

  • You will still be able to see your X drive and copy from your X drive but you will not be able to put anything on your X drive.
  • You will have this access until the end of the school year.
  • This summer we will turn off access to the X drive and your data will no longer be available.

Please copy all of your important files from your X drive to your OneDrive. You can do this by following the attached instructions, placing a work order in Eduphoria!, calling the Help Desk @ 817.297.5873, or contacting your campus instructional technologist for support.

Cyber Security News

Big picture

Clickbait • (noun)

click·​bait | \ ˈklik-ˌbāt \

Something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest


Unbelievable results! What happens next will leave you in tears! Only people with an IQ over 160 can solve this. Does your significant other do these 5 things? You’ll be shocked to find out what it means. You won’t believe what this celebrity did! Take this quiz to find out what breed of dog you are.

Do any of the above attention grabbing statements sound familiar? Have you clicked on any of them? If so, then you have fallen victim to clickbait. Don’t worry, most people have. And in general, clickbait can be harmless.

Catchy headlines are used by web pages to generate traffic to their sites, which results in revenue. More clicks equals more views equals more money. Mo’ money, mo’ better.

But, there is a dark side. The obvious threat is that the link could lead you to a site that will infect your device with malware. Other possible threats include quizzes that require you to share information, such as your profile, email, and friend list. (Hello spam for you and all your friends!)

Then there are the ones that just waste your time, the listicles (list articles) that make you click ten plus times to read something that could have easily fit onto one single scrollable page.


Very rarely is there anything of value in those articles, and if you are looking to kill time we suggest taking up a hobby, maybe play a game, or read a book.

Cyber Security Awareness Newsletter - March