Hot Tub Heaven

By: Emiy Linville

I know what your going to say... Thats to expensive, money doesn't grow on trees! Where are you going to put it?! But please listen... Hear me out... I NEED a hot tub!

Hot Tubs Have it All

Before you even consider getting me a hot tub just hear what a hot tub has! Hot tubs have jets. The jets... Oh, don't get me started on the jets! Oh well... To late! Jets are very important to the hot tub. The powerful wave that allows the jets to have complete power. Another thing that hot tubs have are the power to make you fall in love. The complete warmth of the hot tubs can make you think about heaven! Now do you see why hot tubs have it all?

Pick Your Heaven


Stressful day, bad day at school, work? I have the perfect stress reliever, the perfect AHHH moment for you to have, so act now for this once in a life time opertunity to buy me a hot tub today! One reason why you should buy me a hot tub is becuase hot tubs make your stress go down. So the effet of this cause means... Well you guessed it... Stress free, hot tub free! Great cause... Right?

More Heaven

Have you ever heard the saying " you take it and run with it"? Well I take ot and swim with it! The old trend will NEVER get old. Egyptians used hot tubs to ease their pain. So if you know me lets keep the tradition! Another amzing this about this must have hot tub is, it bring your blood pressure down. Finally, on avrage 60 people buy hot tubs each year. So lets boost up the number to 61!

Happy Day is the Hot Tub Way!

Listen to how the positive outway the negitiaves. If I owned my own hot tub my parents would save money on gas because they would not have to drive from Noblesville from Carmel just for me to hang out in the hot tub. But get this if I had my own hot tub my parentes would love to see me grinning from ear to ear. They love to see me smile! The time that I spent at my Grandma and Grandpa's hot tub was phenomenal! When I was in the hot tub I could feel the stress go down. I loved how the warmth of the hot tub made me wonderful! See... If I had a hot tub my mom and dad would not have tondrive me all the way down to my Grandma and Grandpa's house!
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I Couldn't Agree More!!

I took a survey and 3 out of 3 people said " yes" they agree with me that I SHOULD have a hot tub! The three people that agreed with me where Erika, Trinity and Arianna. All of those people think 'yes' I do need a hot tub!
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Dive Into an Ending

Hot tubs are cool hot tubs are fun... In my opinion I NEED one!!

Please make a difference today and buy me a hot tub! No matter how big no matter how small I will except them all!