Sculptural Potentials

28-30, 31 August, 4 September 2014 - Anita Larkin

Learning from Anita Larkin (Australia) is an eye opener to that what you already know about felting. She combines techniques and non-textile materials together into a new creature. For these workshops you need to have intermediate level of feltmaking or higher. She will teach in the Netherlands and Germany* photo: 'Roger, I hear you loud and clear'

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28-30 August 2014 - Felting Found Objects (atelier Fiberfusing, Nes aan de Amstel)

31 August 2014 - Hollow Sculptural Forms, no resist (atelier Fiberfusing, Nes a.d. Amstel)

4 September 2014 - Stacking Resists (Fibreations, Peize)

Felting Found Objects

felting around found objects alleviates the need for constructing difficult resists and fussing with getting 'no seams'. A complex shape is easily achieved and the found object can make your form much more structurally sound by providing support and weight to the felt as well as a pleasing contrast in materials to the softness of felt if parts of the objects is left to protrude. photo: 'Weapon of Mass Deception'

Hollow Sculptural Forms

Hollow Sculptural Forms, no resists. Fall in love with feltmaking all over again as you use fibres like a modelling material for creating sculptural shapes. The resist method of making hollow forms has definite limitations in creating felted forms. You will discover that resists are not necessary to make a hollow form. You will make the shape “in the round” right from the start, allowing for a greater range of shapes to be made. photo: 'Amoeba'

Stacking Resists

Stacking resists beside, as well as on top of each other, allows the felter a multitude of possibilities for making innovative forms in 3 dimensions. Using resists in this way enables intricate, complicated, and unusual shapes within your felting projects. This class explores two experiments, felting several resists together simultaneously to produce shapes such as segmented seedpods, multi-chambered vessels and imaginary animals. photo: 'Stingray Hat'

disclamer : Images demonstrate the use of techniques to be learned during the workshop, but are not exemplary of products that will be completed by participants

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Who is Anita Larkin

Anita Larkin has been making sculpture in felt for 20 years. Graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Sydney College of The Arts in 1993, she has since exhibited widely in Australia and internationally, and is represented by Defiance Gallery, Sydney. In 2014 Larkin’s distinctive work will be featured in Sculptural Felt International in the Netherlands. Sculpting in bronze and collected objects as well as in felt, she has completed several public art commissions and is represented in private and public collections across Australia. Teaching feltmaking and sculpture, since 1994, she gently encourages her students to create something wondrous and quite unexpected.


All workshops are being taught in Dutch and/or English. We will serve fresh coffee and homemade lunches, with healthy salades, warm dishes, farmers bread and several Dutch cheeses. The day will start at 10.00 untill 16.30 hr.

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