Flip It

By: Rutvik Anmol Abaan & Tristan

Illusion Inc.

Our company sells the best apps in North America. Our newest app has taken us a long time but it predicted to be the best app of all time. If our app gets enough download and more than enough profit then we will have made the best app of all time

Our Newest App: Flip It

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Fruits vs Junk Food

While playing Flip It you will have the choice of being an orange, an apple and much more.

If you chose to play multiplayer you and the other peson will play as counters trying to see who can take over the board first.

Flip It

Flip has taken the most time to create but our employees have take alot of time to research and make a product which is fun, addicting and helps increase your brain capacity to hold information.

Why people will like the app:

  1. Kids will like it because it is fun and addicting
  2. Parents will like it because it is a game which doesn't corrupt the mind.
  3. Teachers will like it because it is school appropriate.

Need Help

If you don't understand the app and need help you can contact us and ask for help.We have the best customer service for the year 2010-2013 and have won awards like the International ANDY Award and the Commerence Award. look Down for our Contact Information.

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