Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, September 19th, 2014

Picture Day Next Friday (Our time is at 9:40am)

Yellows Are Just Warnings

As I mentioned at the "Meet the Teacher" night, yellow cards are just warnings. If you were pulled over by a police officer and given a "warning", not a ticket, wouldn't you be thrilled? You would stop speeding and correct the behavior. This is the example I love to use for parents with our behavior system in my class.

Many students are crying when they get a yellow card, telling me that they will be grounded or get "a whoopin." I hate to hear this, because if they stopped at yellow, then the warning did the job.

Here is what I would love for parents to do when your child comes home with a yellow card:

  • talk to them about the behavior on the card
  • sign the card and have the student sign it, too
  • give the child a hug and let them know that you might be disappointed, but you know they will try to do better next time.

If your child starts coming home with a yellow every day, then I could understand some of the discipline at home. Or, if your child is getting an orange or a red, again, I would understand some sort of discipline at home. I am not telling you how to parent. But I hope that a yellow is just a warning. I hope that it is not:

  1. a punishment at home (they already missed some recess at school).
  2. a reason for grounding or spankings.

Please let it be a moment to reflect on the behavior. Thank you for your support!

Field Trip Permission Slips

We are going to the pumpkin patch October 9th! Field trip slips came home in folders yesterday. I asked that you sign and return it asap for the lunch staff. They need to know our lunch count immediately. If you did not return the form today, please send it back on Monday with your child. (If you need another, let me know.) The money ($6) is not due until October 2nd. However, if you send it in now, I will be keeping track. I will send a reminder on October 1st. Thank you!

Last Names...

Many of our students have been asking me how to write their own last name! I normally do not put last names on student desks until after the first semester. But as of today, I have put all last names on their desks. They are loving the example and have even started practicing on their worksheets. This is not a required skill until the end of the year. But don't be surprised if your amazing little student masters it much sooner!

Rainbow Words Update

This week, we had two friends join the others on the Rainbow Wall. Please help me congratulate the following students for studying their sight words and mastering their list:

  • Red: Klear Holzheimer
  • Orange: Mason Lintz

Life Skills Homework

A few important skills that your children should be practicing and learning at home are:

  • buttoning their pants
  • tying their shoes
  • zipping their jackets
All of the above skills I help with on a daily basis.

But a few skills that the students need to learn ASAP are:

  • being able to undo their belt (this becomes an issue when they really "need to go" and have an accident because they couldn't get their belt undone in time)
  • putting on their shoes (many take them off to get the rocks out but cannot put them back on)
  • how to blow their nose (many just wipe, spreading it across their face, not actually blowing it out to rid themselves of the problem)

Thanks for working with them on these skills as much as you can. I really appreciate it!

ABC Club

The following students had 5 warnings or less this week (and no yellow cards) and have been added to our ABC Club! With one warning a day (or less), they have really had great control of their behavior. Please give a round of applause to the following students:

  • Andrew B, Andrew K, Caleb, Cameron, Destiny, Emily, Joseph, Klear, Kylie, Logan, Malyla, Mario P, Rylee, Sammy, and Tahji.