Ridgeview Review

Week of September 28

As the end of the first six weeks of school approaches, I am in awe of how much you each have accomplished in a very short amount of time. You have welcomed almost 700 students and their families and made them feel as though Ridgeview is their home. You have tested students until you are blue in the face so that you can best serve their individual needs. We have had a visiting author who left us all just a little happier that day. And now we are supporting our school through our yearly Fun Run. On top of all of that, you have each had your own hurdles in your personal lives. It has been a daunting 5 weeks, to say the least.

I came across this blog post and it spoke to me about my own attitude toward our profession. I profession that I chose, 20 years ago, because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I have had days when I wouldn't want to be anywhere else, and days when I have questioned why I continue in this job. We all have them. I hope you will take a few minutes to read through it and reflect on your own choice to be a teacher.



Thursday, Oct. 1st, 9am

RES soccer field

· 2nd Grade @ 9:00am

· 3rd Grade @ 10:05am

· 4th Grade @ 11:40am

· Kindergarten @ 12:45pm

· 1st Grade @ 1:50pm

There will be no schedule changes - normal co-curr and lunch times

Curriculum and Instruction Surveys for Teachers

Please take a moment to take the surveys linked below:

For teachers of Kinder - 3rd, IST, SPED, and GT:

The survey below focuses on the PK-3 Math curriculum rewrite. Please complete by Oct. 2.


For ALL teachers:

Library Learning Commons Climate Survey - please complete by Oct. 2


Cafeteria Lockdown Practice

It is important that our students know what to do in a lockdown situation regardless of where they are in the building. We will be practicing cafeteria lockdown procedures on Monday afternoon. Sara and I will be leading this, but you will need to be present with your class. Lindsey will call for each grade level when we are ready. The schedule is below:

1:15- 2nd grade

1:35- 1st grade

1:55- 3rd grade

2:15- Kinder

2:35- 4th

Next week at RES....


Becky and Jacque off campus AM

Lockdown Drills in cafeteria


Caprock teachers visiting to conduct Instructional Rounds AM

Sara and Jacque out PM

WATCHDOGS Info Night - 6:00; cafeteria



APEX Fun Run Day - wear shorts/jjeans and APEX shirt


2nd grade planning day PM

Friday - sack lunches in the classroom

Character Assembly - 8:30

Early Release - 12:00

Parent conferences - 12:00 - 3:30