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King Community,

Welcome back from Spring Break!

On April 8th our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students have an opportunity to demonstrate their learning with taking their CMAS assessments (Colorado Measures of Academic Success). Students will be taking assessments April 8th-12th and April 15th-18th. The complete schedule can be found below.

Due to assessment rules and protocols, we must limit visitor access to the building while students are testing. If you are in the building, please honor all posted signs as we strive to provide a quiet and legitimate testing environment for our students. Volunteers and visitors are still welcome in the building, but we do ask (as always) that you check in at the front office. This year’s state assessment protocols and procedures are very similar to last years. To learn more about assessments and the process you can visit Colorado Department of Education’s FAQ site for parents:

Please support your students during assessment time by doing the following:

• Making sure s/he goes to bed early and receives plenty of rest.

• Making sure s/he is on time and in school every day during the testing period. Several sessions will start first thing in the morning. Research shows that students do best on standardized assessments when they are testing in class with the rest of their peers.

• Talking to and encouraging them to do their very best on this test.

If you have any questions or concerns about these assessments, please do not hesitate to contact me or Ashli Willis (King Elementary TLC and Assessment Coordinator).

Thanks for all you do to support your child’s education at King Elementary!


Treg Joslyn, Principal

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Teacher request

April 1, 2019

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of this school year. Time has flown this year and your children have grown and learned so much! We can hardly believe that we are already thinking about and planning for next school year. One of the important pieces of this planning is our determining student placements and class groups for next year. We would like to take a moment to let you know the process we use.

In making class assignments, we use a number of criteria to guide our decisions. We work to meet the needs of all aspects of our students including social, emotional, and academics. We balance classes based on academics, gender, specific needs, relationships, and consideration of a child’s learning style. Our process includes classroom teachers, specials teachers, and other staff at King. We are very thoughtful in this process and ultimately work to create successful placements for each child at King.

While we do not take requests for specific teachers, we value you as a partner in the placement of your child. If there is information that is important in your child’s class placement that we should be aware of, you are encouraged to describe your child’s specific needs or considerations in a letter (or via email) to Treg Joslyn ( by April 19th.

· Please talk about what your child needs in order to be successful. Give examples of how your child learns best.

· Please do not request (or unrequest) specific teachers by name in your letter.

· Please do not ask your child’s current classroom teacher to recommend a specific teacher for next year. This request puts teachers in an awkward position.

· Avoid the pitfalls of gossip; a teacher who was not a great match for your friend's child may be the perfect match for yours.

· Be open to possibilities, knowing that we take many factors that influence the classroom environment into consideration when placing students.

Additionally, we would like you to communicate your intentions for next school year with us as soon as possible. If you know you will be moving and/or your child will not be returning to King next year, please let us know. Please email your child’s teacher and Dawn Syslo, our staff assistant in the office ( You can call the office at 719-328-6000 or stop in to talk with us. Finally, if you have a student entering preschool or kindergarten next year, please be sure to complete the enrollment paperwork (available in the office).

Thank you,


Treg Joslyn


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