To Say The Least.....Northeast

About half way between the Atlantic Ocean and Michigan

Included States

The states in the Northeast include Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.
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Geographical features

The Northeast has many features. One river that runs through the northeast is the Delaware river it is the border separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Another river is the Hudson River it empties into the New York Harbor. Some of the Great Lakes are in the Northeast, like Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. The Northeast region is part of the Central Plains and is bordered by Canada and the Atlantic Ocean.

Climate and Natural Resources

The climate of the Northeast is fairly different, hot humid in the summer while moderately cold snowy winters. Some of the natural resources are granite, lumber, iron, and textile.

Foods of the Northeast

The Northeast has foods but a very popular one is seafood. Seafood in the Northeast are clam chowder and lobster. Being very close to the ocean has its advantages. Other than seafood, the Northeast has baked beans and Jonny cakes. Johnny cakes are a thicker pancake normally served in restaurants.

Famous people

Will Smith: he is known in the area for acting in a lot of movies

Benjamin Franklin: he is known for helping settle arguments between states also he was born in Pennsylvania

John F. Kennedy: he was born in Massachusetts and hpled promote civil rights, he also was the 35th president


The Northeast is a heavy agricultural region. They grow beets, rhubarb, spinach, kale, carrots, and many more. By growing so many fresh goods the end result is money. Relating back to the richest region.

Jobs and business

The Northeast is very popular for its textile and steel industries. So most people work for companies that produce it. The Northeast like any other region has its normal everyday jobs such as construction, health, rescue, teaching, ect.

Interesting facts

Are you ready for some mind blowing facts? Did you know that the Northeast region is the richest region in the United States? The Northeast has the following rich states: New Jersey (second), Connecticut (third), and Massachusetts (fifth). According to Wikipedia in 2006 the total population was 54,741,353. 20 languages are spoken there because of this high population. If your mind has not exploded, it will. The Northeast became an official region in 1972 making it the oldest region in the United States. The Northeast is home to the Hershy Factory which was established on October 24 1927. Everyone like chocolate right? The Northeast is the smallest region. Did you know that 60% of the Northeast is covered in forests.

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