Our Big Rocks

9/17 - Poinsettia Sale

9/19 - School Pictures (SMILE)

Family Fun night returns to Emerson on Friday, September 14!

From: 6:30-8-30

Tickets are only $2.00 at the door! Anyone that is 5 or less, there is no ticket charge.

When you come in the building, form a team and begin the challenges!

If you dare, teams will need to complete 6 out of 7 challenges in order to be eligible to be in the drawings of gift cards and medals. If you just feel like hanging out, that’s ok too! We will have a DJ, open gym, photo booth (only $1.00 per picture) refreshments for sale and a free cake walk!


Cooper Drop Off/Arrival Procedures

The morning is a busy time for everyone. We understand the morning rush of trying to get your son or daughter dropped off as well as be on time for your other morning commitments. With the increase in enrollment this year we have more families dropping off and traffic is getting backed up on Ann Arbor Trail. We are looking always looking for ways to improve traffic flow while maintaining student safety. Below you will find some ways that you can help all of our morning go a bit smoother.

* Students can be dropped off between 8:10 and 8:25.

* Please enter the parking lot at the east entrance in the right lane only. This is a two-lane driveway with traffic entering on the right and exiting in the other lane.

*If you want to walk your child to the door, please park in one of the designated spaces in front of the building and walk your child across the parking lot to the sidewalk in front of the school so that they do not pass in front of any other cars moving in the area.

* If you want to drop your student off, please use the drop off line. To keep the drop off line moving, please pull all the way around to Door #2 (past the main door) or as far as traffic permits. Students should exit the vehicle promptly along the sidewalk with all of their belongings and follow the sidewalk into school. (We understand that many parents like to drop their child off right in front of the main door. However, following these suggestions will keep traffic flowing and unload as many vehicles as possible.)

The Cooper PTA invites you to become a member for the 2018-19 school year.

The Cooper PTA invites you to become a member for the 2018-19 school year.

You don’t have to come to any meetings (although we try to make them fun!) but you can give back to our school community by joining today!

Once you are logged in as a member you will be able to access the site to make your online membership payment and/or a donation if you choose to for our Un-Fundraiser.



Calling all creative coyotes! It's time for another year of the PTA Reflections arts contest. All Cooper students are invited to participate. Create a project inspired by this year's theme, Heroes Around Me. Art categories include visual arts, photography, literature, film production, dance choreography, and music composition. Deadline for submitting your projects is November 14, 2018. Compete against other Livonia students for the chance to advance to the state and national competition. For more information, go to or contact our Reflections chairperson, Debbie Yates (



9/25 - Dentist R Us

10/3 - Little Caesars Pizza Kit Pick-Up (6th Grade)

10/8-10/12 Sixth Grade Camp:

1st Camp Group: Spence, Kopacko,Webster, Harvey, Juncaj

2nd Camp Group: Lietz, Erickson, Hebert, Condevaux, Martin, Aaron