Tech Thursday

Google Classroom Refresh

Review and Some New Updates!

I'll begin our share tomorrow with a quick refresh on how to use Classroom and then move into the new information which includes a change to the way we post and some new updates which include:

  • The ability to move posts to the top of the stream. Yes! We can now change the order of our posts.
  • A new posting option, "Ask a Question": Teachers can post a short answer question right in the stream and have the ability to grade the answers. Perfect for an exit ticket.
  • The Chrome extension, "Share to Classroom"

New to Google Classroom?

For those of you who are new or who were unable to attend the training this summer, Google Classroom is a learning management system that will help you streamline the organization of your classroom. If you haven't joined Google Classroom yet, click the link below to sign on and begin:

Click on any of the resources on the buttons below. Please contact me if you would like to meet to learn more and set up GC for your class!