Mrs. Franklin's Fabulous Firsties

February 13, 2016

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School Work and Snow!

Although we have had a crazy on again, off again schedule, we are making the most of our time when we are in school! The children are doing a great job keeping up our "normal" routines, including reading at home and completing homework, even on days when we are off for snow. I'm so proud of them and am so thankful that they have you as supportive parents. Here's a little review of what we've been working on in class.

Phonics - Students learned about the sound the /oo/ and /u/ can make as in "book, foot and put". We talked a little about how the /oo/ spelling can also make the sound as in "fool and school". We will revisit that sound in a few weeks. Again, students are expected to ask themselves "Does it sound right? Does it look right?" when trying to read and spell words.

Reading- We began our fourth unit called, "Animals Everywhere". Our essential question is, "How are animals unique?" Students read non-fiction text about a variety of animals in order to determine how they are unique. We read about bats, bees, and fish. During the unit we ask and answer questions, retell key details, and determine reasons why the author states their opinion.

Writing - After researching, students wrote their opinion on which animal is more unique: bees or bats. Students focused on writing opening sentences, supporting their opinion with facts/reasons, and writing a closing sentence.

Another continued focus has been on writing in complete sentences. Please work with your child at home with beginning their sentence with a capital letter and ending with a punctuation mark. Also, with expanding their sentences by adding details that answer who, what, when, where, why or how.

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Math and More

In math, our focus has been on measurement. Students have used both non-standard and standard units to measure a variety of objects. We practiced lining up the objects end to end, working in a straight line, and identifying 1/2 of a unit. In addition, students solved problems where they had to compare the length of two objects to determine the difference between them. A favorite activity was called "Finding Keepers". Students measured a variety of "fish" to determine if they were long enough to keep. Many students were familiar with this as they have been fishing or crabbing with their families.

Remember, that students can use Dreambox throughout the week/weekend to practice math skills.

Lastly, in social studies, students researched a product and learned about the human and natural resources needed to produce that product, learned about how things have changed over time and then they created their own timeline, and began to learn about clothing, food, and homes that are particular to Maryland.

100th Day Of School!

We had an amazing time on Thursday....finally the 100th day of school! The students looked adorable in their "old" clothes. We had grey hair, beards, pearls, glasses, canes, and even a few kitty cats! Throughout the day the students rotated through 8 stations where they were involved in all things 100! They built with 100, counted 100, matched 100, drew 100 and created images with 100. In addition, they created a book of 100 things. We ended the day with a yummy 100 day snack. In fact, we ran out of time and had to work on our 100 year old portraits on Friday. Some of the pictures are below, but I've uploaded all of them on our Shutterfly website.

Valentine's Day

We ended the week with learning about heart idioms and celebrating our friendships by exchanging Valentines. The students were so excited to pass out their cards, creations and candy. A big thank you to everyone who helped with getting things ready for the 100th day and for our Valentine's Day snack. I also really appreciate all of the goodies that the children gave me yesterday. Reading the cards and checking out all of the candy warms my heart.

As always, feel free to email me ( if you have any questions or comments.