Weekly News

May 2 - 6, 2016

SMART Start May 4 - K-8 - Collaboration - Band Room

We will begin Week 2 of our Collaboration piece and we will start out in the band room.

Special Note: Cameron has opened up his classroom every Thursday morning for teachers that need additional time or help. Thanks, Cameron!


Grades 3 and 4 have two more days of ISTEP+, we are scheduled to be done on Tuesday. The special ed teachers and Roger have been working on make-ups. If you can do your own make ups during your prep, let us know.


Mr. Connor is in charge of the NWEA schedule and communications. He already sent you an email. Please contact him with questions, etc. If you need a quick refresher on how to manage your students within the program - let Cameron know. I am sure he can help you.

ESL Family Night - May 5

Our ESL director, Mindy Coblentz, has planned an ESL night at Milford School for our families within the entire corporation. They are serving food and have games/activities for the kids. If anyone can attend and support our ESL families - that would be great. You would not have to stay the entire evening. Just stop in, say hi and enjoy. May 5 at 5:30 pm.

National Teacher Appreciation Day - May 3

National Teacher Appreciation Day is May 3 but we are celebrating all week! We are also including our instructional assistants and staff who work with our kids every day. Thank you!

Taco Truck will be here on Thursday compliments of the Milford PTO!

The theme days are included below - but feel free to wear jeans all week for FREE this time!

Please send home the info in your Monday newsletters, add to Facebook, or send a mass email to your class/grade.

Upcoming Events

Monday, May 2

Teacher - Staff Appreciation Week

Wear Jeans - even dig that jean jackets out of your closet. Students will be wearing jeans to show you how "Genius" you all are!

ISTEP+ Testing window - grades 3 & 4

F&P Benchmark Assessment K-2

Achieve 3000 Final Level Set Test begins

KEYS Selection meeting 7:35 am - Paula's room

Medical Detectives PLTW meeting 9 am w/Nguyen, Kaiser, McCreary, Evans - Amy's room

Tuesday, May 3

ISTEP+ Testing window - grades 3 & 4

F&P Benchmark Assessment K-2

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week - NEON DAY - Wear your favorite neon colors! Studens will be wearing their neon to show how bright you have mad them!

Team Leader Mtg 7:35 am Ryan's office

No RtI

Kindergarten Mother Earth Program 8:30 am

Grade 2 Author Day through KEYS in the AM

Trent Beer to talk to grade 7 about DC trip 1:15 pm

Initial CC Re: NS Upchurch 2 pm

Initial CC Re: NB Upchurch 3 pm

MS Track @ Lakeview 4:30 pm

Golf vs Bremen/Lakeland Christian Academy B/G at South Shore 5 pm

Grade 5 Exploring Music Program - Band Room 6:00 pm

Grades 7/8 Guitars Program - Band Room 7:00 pm

Wednesday, May 4

Happy Birthday Mrs. VanLaeken!

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week - PJ's and Popcorn Day! Wear your jammies and come and get some yummy popcorn.

Achieve 3000 Final Level Set Test begins

ISTEP+ Testing window - make ups

F&P Benchmark Assessment K-2

SMART Start 7:35 am band room

Thursday, May 5

ISTEP+ Testing window - grades 3 & 4

F&P Benchmark Assessment K-2

Teacher/Staff Appreciation - Cinco De May Day! Wear your red, white and green colors! Taco Truck will be serving you lunch, chips and salsa will be in the lounge all compliments of the Milford PTO. Pinata in the staff lounge!

Community Fair for grades 5-8 - Make an Impact 8:30 am - small gym

MS Track vs. Edgewood 4:30 pm

ESL Family Night - Cafe and small gym 5:30 pm

Physical Night at WHS 6pm

Friday, May 6

ISTEP+ Testing window - hopefully we are done by this day!

F&P Benchmark Assessment K-2

Teacher/Staff Appreciation - Green and Gold Day to support our school/corporation!

Grade 8 to JA Finance Park

Kindergarten Mother's Tea - Cafe 8:15 am - 9:30 am

Gymnastics in small gym 3:15 pm

MS Golf vs. CN/Fairfield B/G at South Shore

Sunday, May 8 is Mother's Day!