Forsenic Photography

Brandy Carpenter

The Field

Forsenic photography is also known as forsenic imaging or crime scene photography. Reproducing a crime scene or accident for court for an investigation. Considered part of the evidence collecting process and gives details such as victims, time, place and other items. You must learn to use proper lighting and camera lenses, and scales.

How it's used in court

  • Photographs identify details to be used as evidence in court cases.
  • Remind investigators of the scene.
  • Trace evidence found in photographs.

Examples of Photographs

Requirements For The Job

  • High ethical and professional standing.
  • May need to obtain a degree.
  • Employed in the field of Forensic Science whose duties include forensic photography.
  • Minimum of three years of experience working in the area of photography and/or digital imaging.
  • Classroom hours/workshops on photography.
  • Certification test.

Court Cases

Forensic photography is used in a lot of investigations. The photos can show evidence that can slove the cases because it depicts the crime when it first happened.