Technology Integration

ONID Elementary School

360 Degree Projector

  • 360° Projector will be put on the ceiling in the middle of the room
  • When it is used, it will project to all sides of the room for letting students see better
  • People won't have to turn around or move closer to see

Threat Detectors Installed in Security Cameras

  • Since 2013, an average of 1 school shooting per week
  • Threat detectors installed inside security cameras or throughout other parts of school
  • Looks for weapons, contaminants, or judges moods
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Built-in CPU's in Desks

  • These are used in any desk/work area
  • Accessed by a given student fingerprint
  • Could also be for checking absence
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Finger Scanners

  • Kids have no way to get access to restricted
  • Teachers can get in easily, with the push of a button
  • Easy to set up
  • Losing a key is not be a problem
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Retractable Roof for Gym

  • Elementary students are spending up to 8 hours in a building
  • 30-45 minutes of open roof play will relieve mass amounts of stress
  • Will even make the kids like PE and want to do it more often

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Floor Compartments

  • Are used in any room in the school including gym
  • Store any lab or school equipment or sport equipment
  • Accessed by a password that only facilitators have access to
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Magnetic Floating Chairs

  • Powerful magnets repel each other to suspend this chair in mid-air
  • Provides the user with a feeling of relaxation
  • Gets rid of headaches
  • Relieves muscle tension
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Touchscreen/Tablet Floors

  • These are used in the work area for students to use in group activities
  • Accessed by a given pass code for the students
  • It is retracted into the floor to avoid being stepped on and ruined

Kinetic Plates

  • Are on sidewalks and front doors of the school
  • To produce energy when students and staff walk on them
  • On field and track when students are practicing or competing to produce more
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Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Useful for providing space
  • Students are able to walk the halls easier
  • Decreases injury

Emergency Lockdown Doors

  • Used for chemical spills, external lockdowns, internal lockdowns
  • Air tight
  • Bulletproof
  • Each window/classroom door will have one
  • Activated manually from the teacher in the classroom.

Photochromic Windows

  • Control the amount of sunlight entering the class
  • Are controlled by the teacher in case of a presentation
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Self Driving A.I.

  • Are put into buses to improve the safety of students
  • Chooses the fastest route to avoid traffic
  • Improves fuel and oil efficiency


  • Currently unstable as they do not satisfy the octet rule
  • Become stable they are used to charge anything electrical
  • Grows plants in class as the excess carbon is absorbed
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