October 1st Jefferson Journal

Upcoming Events

October 5th: Bike to school day

October 8th: 5th Grade Neighborhood Clean up

October 11th: PTO meeting at 5:30pm in Library

October 12th: G2M Starts

October 13th: 4th Grade visit a Farm

October 26th: Conferences from 3:30-7:30pm

October 27th: Conferences from 12:00-8:00pm

November 18th: Hmong New Year Celebration 5:30-6:30

Kaum Hli 5: Caij lub luv tees tuaj kawm ntawv

Kaum Hli 11: Nam/txiv naikhu muaj saablaaj thaum 5:30 tsaus ntuj huv Library

Kaum Hli 13: Qaib 4 moog saib Farm

Kaum Hli 26: Nam Txiv tuaj ntsib Naikhu 3:30 - 7:30 tsaus ntuj

Kaum Hli 27: Nam Txiv tuaj ntsib Naikhu 12:00 - 8:00 tsaus ntuj

Save The Date October 5th Walk or Bike to School Day

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G2M Grade 2nd- 5th

Watch for the yellow G2M Form to come home with your student and get it sent back to school once filled out

October 12th-November 18th-(six weeks)

Tuesday, Wednesday,and Thursday from 3:30 - 4:45

*NO CLASS ON WED OCT 26th, 27th, and 28th

*We look forward to offering in- person classes this school year!

*We strive to provide your child with classes that will be a break from their academic day, and engage them in super fun stress-free activities.

*We will also continue to offer Math Achievers and Study Zone for students who have been recommended by their teacher for extra assistance, or who could benefit from extra academic help.



Contact Lisa Carroll if you have questions: 715 261-0180



ADVENTURE CLASS: Grades 3-5 If you want to "travel" the world and explore new places, people, food, fashion, art, and culture then sign up for our Adventures Class in G2M. This class will include virtual "trips" around the world where we learn about culture, people, food (possibly try some even!) and make art inspired by that country or place. We will be displaying our "travels'' on the G2M bulletin board for others to "tour" along with us as they travel the hallways of Jefferson Elementary. So come along with Ms. Jenny as we explore our world! NOTE: Limited enrollment for this class so sign up early!

HMONG DANCE Grade 2-5 Mrs. Xiong is back to teach Hmong Dance! This class is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the rich Hmong culture through music and dance. Students will have fun learning with friends and get to perform at one of our upcoming family events.

SPORTS FOR 2ND AND 3RD GRADERS Students in this class will have opportunities to enjoy a variety of athletic games, and team sport activities in a non- competitive setting. The key word here is “FUN”! This class will surely fill up fast so return your form as soon as possible.

MATH ACHIEVERS: Grades 3-5 Students will work with Mrs. Borta and High School mentors to improve their math skills, by practicing math facts, playing math games, and completing math homework. Students who have a red referral slip on their form should sign up for this class for extra help.

STUDY ZONE: Grades 2-5 Students who have a red referral slip on their form can sign up for this class to receive extra help with any subject. High school mentors will be available to help students in small groups. If you need extra time on I-READY, have homework, or want to improve your reading and writing skills- this class is for you!

Encore Updates


This quarter students are using our new season, Autumn, as inspiration for artwork with the use of our art elements (Color, Space, Form, Value, Shape, Texture, Line). Autumn has unique colors, sounds, textures, and events that students take from personal experience to add their voice and vision to their artworks. Don’t forget to ask your students about their learnings in art and other encore subjects! Watch for images of their work via their Seesaw Art class posts.

K-1 students are using Autumn to create art using Color, Line, Shape, and Texture. Projects include icons of pumpkins, leaves, our school, and trees.

2-3 students are using Autumn to create art using Color, Line, Shape, Value, Space, Texture. Students will also be learning about Balance, Contrast, and Repetition from our Principles of Design (which add more interest to their artwork). Principles of Design are Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, and White Space. Projects include icons of rainbows, fall harvest items, leaves, and scarecrows.

4-5 students are using Autumn to create art using Color, Line, Shape, Value, Texture, and Space. Students will also be learning about Repetition, Balance, Contrast, Proportion, and Movement from our Principles of Design (which add more interest to their artwork). Principles of Design are Emphasis, Balance, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, and White Space. Projects include icons of skulls, leaves, bones, and items reflecting oneself.


5th grade is learning about the human body and has started learning about bones

4th grade is learning about space. This week we learned about the solar system and Astronomical Units

3rd grade is learning about Earth Materials. We are currently in the process of working with evaporation

2nd grade - Air and weather. We made parachutes this week and have discussed how air can be captured and moved

1st grade - Pebbles sand and silt - we worked on separating rocks by size and learning their names (pebbles, gravel, sand)

Kindergarten - We are working with our 5 senses. We learned about sight today and how even though our eyes are different colors, they are all used to see the same things.

Reminder for Gym class

Please remember to wear your tennis shoes on gym days!

Link to WSD Covid Dashboard, Elementary and Secondary Matrices


As we enter the 2021-22 school year, the Wausau School District is offering the highest quality educational experience for students. We are taking several steps to monitor and mitigate the spread of COVID. We are also taking steps to minimize the time lost to quarantines.

We are working with the Marathon County Health Department to monitor and mitigate the spread of the virus in our community and our schools and will revisit our protocols as necessary at any point during the school year. Public health is a whole community effort and the District can not be successful on our own. Below are some practices that families can take, as well as, the school district.

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Leader in Me

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Ipad Insurance K-5 Grades

If you have not paid your $10 iPad insurance fee, please do this as soon as possible. Here are the ways you can get this to the office.

  • Mail a check to Thomas Jefferson at 500 W Randolph St. Wausau, WI 54401.
  • Log in to the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus and pay with a credit card online.
  • Drop off the payment (in an envelope with your child's name on it) at school, entrance #1.

Your coverage after paying the insurance is as follows:

The first repair due to accidental damage will be fully covered. The second repair due to accidental damage will be fully covered. All remaining repairs will be billed to the family at 50% of actual cost. Fully replaced iPads will be billed at 50% of actual replacement cost. (District retains replaced device.)

If you decline to pay the insurance, you take full financial responsibility for any loss or damage to the device issued to your child.

District Technology Help Line:

Parent Reminders

Visitor / Volunteers

Anytime that visitors are in the building between 8:15 and 3:45, you must use the main entrance and check in with Mrs. Steckling in the office. While there, you will be asked for your driver's license as part of our security protocols to ensure we have safe and trusted adults in the building. You will then receive a visitor badge to enter the rest of the building.

This does include the beginning and the end of the school day. If you are dropping off or picking up your children, you will not be able to enter the building without checking in with the office first.

If you are volunteering in a classroom, you need to apply to the O.N.E. program to complete a background check by clicking on the following website:


Attendance Information

Please call the Thomas Jefferson office to report any absences. Even if you have notified your child’s teacher(s), please still notify the office of any absences or appointments. Please remember to call before 9:00 am. If calling the school before the office is open please leave a voice message for us with your child's name, reason for the absent (if ill what the symptoms are please see below) who is calling and a phone number where you can be reached if there are any questions.

If you have a student in K-5th please contact :

715-261-0175 or you may also email Mrs. Tranchita at ctranchita@wausauschools.org

If you have a student in 4K please contact:

715-261-0185 or email Mrs. Channel at achannel@wausauschools.org


Students must stay home from school if they have the following symptoms.

One of these symptoms:

❏ New or worsening cough

❏ Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

❏ New loss of smell or taste


Two or more of these symptoms:

❏ Fever over 100.4/Chills

❏ Diarrhea

❏ Sore throat

❏ Runny nose/congestion

❏ Headache

❏ Fatigue

❏ Nausea/vomiting

❏ Muscle/body aches


  • If a student has symptoms, it is recommended that they immediately be tested for COVID, regardless of vaccine status.

  • The student may return to school with proof of a negative PCR COVID test or an alternate diagnosis from a medical practitioner.

  • If parents choose not to have their child tested, the student is presumed positive and must stay home for 10 days, be fever-free for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, and have improvement of symptoms before returning to school.

  • If a student or anyone else living in the home tests positive, all students in the home (unless vaccinated and not showing symptoms) must quarantine for the 10 days of the positive person’s isolation PLUS an additional 10 days quarantine, a total of 20 days. If the positive person can isolate away from the students, the other students in the home must quarantine for 10 days from the last contact with the positive person.

  • Parents are asked to notify the school if a student later develops symptoms or tests positive for COVID.

  • If your child is identified as a close contact to someone outside the home, follow the directions from the health department.

Contact the Marathon County Health Department with questions. 715-261-1900

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Bussing Questions??

We are happy to help answer bussing questions as best we can. Often times, however, First Student Bus Company is your best first contact.

First Student Contact Information:

715-842-2268 Phone

715-845-5155 Fax

First Student policy required ALL bus riders to wear a face mask. If your student is a bus rider, please make sure they have a mask for the before and after school bus ride.

Field Trips require all riders to wear a mask. Please remember to have a couple masks in your students backpack so they are prepared when attending field trips.

Nutrition Services Information

Wausau School District is participating in the USDA Seamless Summer Option (SSO) for the entirety of the 2021-2022 school year. This means that our school is providing free meal (breakfast and lunch) to all students! This program provides additional support and flexibility for our district to continue serving meals to children while maintaining safety measures and managing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We still ask that you complete the free and reduced application online if you have not done so already. Our school receives extra funding from the free and reduced applications and is very important to have them filled out. Here is a link to complete the free and reduced application online by clicking here

PTO Information

The next PTO meeting is scheduled for October 11th, 2021 at 5:30pm in the Library

Wausau West Elementary School Basketball League

This flyer will be sent home with 4th & 5th grade students to sign up
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Staff Directory

Principal Mr. Johnson bsjohnson@wausauschools.org

Secretary Mrs. Tammy Steckling tsteckling@wausauschools.org

Building/ Office para Mrs. Colette Tranchita ctranchita@wausauschools.org

Health Aid:

Ms. Megan Bach- mbach@wausauschools.org

Pupil Services

Counselor: Ms. Sue Doerr sdoerr@waususchools.org

Social worker: Mrs. Morgan Knetter mknetter@wausauschools.org

Psychologist: Mrs. Amanda Melville amelvill@wausauschools.org

Bridge Room Coordinator: Ms. Amber Sparby asparby@wausauschools.org

4K Staff

Mrs. Amber Channel achannel@wausauschools.org

Ms. Samantha Kniess skniess@wausauschools.org

Mrs. BreAnne Wais bwais@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Renee Krautkramer rkrautkr@wausauschools.org

Mrs. May Xiong maxiong@wausauschools.org

Kindergarten Teachers

Mrs. April Voigt avoigt@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Kelly Hummel khummel@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Katelyn Veith. kveith@wausauschools.org

1st Grade Teachers

Mrs. Diana Gartzke dgartzke@wausauschools.org

Mrs Deb Treager dtreager@wausauschools.org

Mr. Matt Schilling mschilling@wausauschools.org

2nd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Diane Eder deder@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Carrie Helke cahelke@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Taylor Frank tfrank@wausauschools.org

3rd Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jill Ebersold jebersol@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Sandy Knoll sknoll@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Heather Trollop htrollop@wausauschools.org

4th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Leslie Ninnemann lninnema@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Kary Riggs kriggs@wausauschools.org

5the Grade Teachers

Mrs. Jen Davidson jdavidso@wausauschools.org

Ms. Emily Fritz efritz@wausauschools.org

Encore Team

Art- Jennifer Lingford jlingford@wausauschools.org

Gym- Christin Sullivan csulliv@wausauschools.org

Science- Tori Dienger vdienger@wausauschools.org

Music- Sana Wressell swressel@wausauschools.org

Library- Jennifer Moore jmoore@wausauschools.org

Special Education

Mrs. Justine Callahan jcallahan@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Kim Ickert kickert@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Jennifer Faust jfaust@wausauschools.org

Gifted & Talented

Mrs. Cheryl Borta- cborta@wausauschools.org


Mrs. Paokee Xiong. paxiong@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Lisa Alexander lalexand@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Halle Veenstra- hveenstr@wausauschools.org

Title I

Mrs. Amy Akey- aabitzak@wausauschools.org

Mrs. Trenny Frahm- tfrahm@wausauschools.org


Mrs. Michelle Debot mdebot@wausauschools.org

Translation support

Mrs. Eileen Thao ethao@wausauschools.org

The Wausau School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, pregnancy, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, sex (including transgender status, change of sex or gender identity), or physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability (“Protected Classes”).