By: Hannah b.

What are the responsibilities of a king?

  1. The king was the god, he was supposed to be appointed by god
  2. Collecting taxes
  3. Ruling the kingdom

What are the benefits of being the king in the feudal system?

  1. The king owned the entire nation
  2. The king would grant land to his nobles and in return he would have their loyalty
  3. Had vast amounts of money that was collected by taxes

What does your daily life look like?

  1. The King claimed ownership of the land
  2. At the top of the Feudalism Pyramid was the King
  3. The King granted the land to important nobles - these nobles then pledged their loyalty by swearing to serve and protect the king
  4. The king also granted land to the less powerful military men (the knights) who were called vassals
  5. The vassals also agreed to fight for the king in exchange for their land

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