by Kaitlyn Bailey


1) conversation between two or more people

2) the conversation between people in a novel, movie, etc.

3) a literary work in the form of a conversation

Importance & Explanation

  • Authors can use dialogue to develop the overall meaning of a piece of writing
  • Each writer has a different style of writing dialogue
  • Develops characters

Examples From Literature

  • In Fahrenhit 451, Ray Bradbury develops the main themes of his novel in one lengthy conversation between Montag (the protagonist) and the Beatty (the Captain of the Fire Department)
  • In Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad opens his novella with a long portion of exposition that sets the scene and contains no dialogue. Then, the narrative is taken over by Marlow, another sailor aboard the Nellie who also begins his tale in an expositional manner. Very little dialogue appears until later in Marlow's narrative.

More Examples

The Things They Carried
  • Character's dialogue carries readers

99 Problems by Jay-Z

  • Flashback of conversation with a police officer before Jay-Z was famous
  • Illustrates racism & abuse of authority