By: Zoe Monkiewicz


SLURP! Hear that? That is the sound of a anteater slurping up ants. Did you know an anteater can eat 30,000 ants in a day. Join me in a grassland adventure. You will learn cool facts about the ONE and ONLY ANTEATER!

Appearance & Classification

The anteater is 2 meters long. Woah! That's taller than me! I'm only 4 feet. The anteater weighs 40lbs-88lb. He weighs almost as much as I do! I'm 60 pounds. The anteater's skin cover is a soft layer of fur. The fur color's are brown, grey, black and white. The anteater has interesting body features. The anteater's claws are sharp and can dig deep with them. Also, it's LOOONNNGGG nose can go down into ant hills. Would you like a anteater for a pet? I do.

Habitat Information

The anteater lives in the rain forest. It lives in Africa, Asia and parts of Australia. The weather is very hot and rainy.The anteater makes a home by digging into the ground and crawls in. It likes the grasslands, forests and even lower mountain areas.



Predator & Prey

The anteater has many predators. Some are pumas, snakes and jaguars. Also sometimes humans. To protect itself it uses its powerful legs and strong claws. The anteaters can get very aggressive.

The anteater obviously eats ants. It also eats termites. The anteaters are omnivore. The anteater finds it's food in ant hills.

Fascinating facts

1 .Anteater's have a 2 foot long tongue to reach food.

2. The anteaters claws are 4 inches long! They walk on their knuckles to protect their claws.

3. They have stick saliva on their tongue so the bugs stick

4. The anteater has a keen sense of smell.


Did you learn a lot of facts about the anteater? Wow! I know I did! I think the anteater is so fun to research!