And How Can We As Americans Help?

No Food In Central America

How Did This Happen

Central America is poor in food due to polluted areas in Central America. If people in Central America don't get enough food more and more people will die.

A Map Of Cenral America Where Poverty Is At Large

Effects Of Injury And/Or Death

There are three types of bad effect in Central America. One- is that many people die due to pollution. Two- rebellions leading to injury. Three- is pollution to animals causing the animals to die, and people not having enough meat to eat.


This is a terrible problem that many countries have to face and it's a terrible thing to face. You should pray for all these dying people, plants, and animas.

Clean Up The Streets

Something we could do to help is clean up the streets of Central America. What I mean is we could literally clean up the filthy streets of Central America. So that not so many people will die in Central America.

They Don't Hurt Us

These solutions will help:

1.) They will have more food

2.) They will have more abilities.

3.) They will be able to have more farm animals.

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