Owl Notes

May 17


*7.5 days and counting...

*STAAR IS OVER!!! CELEBRATE! Students sure did work hard. If hard work brings good scores, we are in GREAT shape!

*BUILDING OPEN - The building will be open this Saturday and June 1 for anyone who needs or wants to come work in their classrooms.
*STAFF PICTURE - We will be taking our staff picture on Monday afternoon at 3;40. Location to be announced. Please wear jeans and a red or black shirt. Get with your team and divide half and half!

* WAR EAGLE CHALLENGE - Fourth graders will be attending the War Eagle Challenge on Tuesday.

* END OF YEAR LPAC MEETING will be on Thursday. Kara will send a schedule out for the rotation. Lizbeth will cover when teachers need to attend. You can go ahead and start pulling your green folders. When you come to the meeting, you will need to bring a copy of the accommodations.

* YEARBOOKS - Will be handed out on Thursday. Please set up a time maybe on Friday for signing. That way if parents don't want yearbooks signed they won't send them back to school on Friday.

* FUN DAY - Is scheduled for Friday. Please make sure you are communicating with parents to ensure they all are aware of end of the year activities. Fun Day please encourage your students to bring a change of clothes as they will get wet! We are also in need of more parent volunteers. Please share this link with your parents. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0A44A8AF2CA0F58-funday1

* END OF THE YEAR CHECKOUT - You will receive the end of the year check out list next week. Signatures cannot be obtained until Thursday after students leave. I will be the last one you see and will not sign off until Friday at some point. An announcement will be made as when I will be ready.

* SUMMER STAFF DEVELOPMENT - Take advantage of the many, many opportunities our district offers for staff development this summer. Focuses next year will be Tier 1 best practices that go along with HRS Level 2, Guided math and continuing with Units of Study in reading. We will also be looking at ways we can better integrate technology into the classroom.

*MOVING BOXES - We will be ordering moving boxes soon. Please do not start packing until the last week unless you are moving the boxes out of your room and home. We don't want to give the students the appearance that school is out!

* OUTDOOR CLASSROOM - I have had several folks offer to help with a committee for the outdoor classroom. If you are interested and haven't emailed me, please do so soon.

* RECESS - We need to be diligently monitoring recess from now till the end of the year. We are already seeing an increase in physical behaviors where students are getting hurt by each other. Make sure you have at least 4 teachers outside and that you each take a duty station to monitor.

* GUIDED READING LIBRARY - As you are returning your books to the guided reading library, please ensure that you have the full set and that you replace them in the box where they belong. We spend too much time over the summers sorting and straightening. Help us by doing your part.


Got any ideas for next year - add them at the link below as we start the planning process...You can add your name or choose to be anonymous...



Remember that you are invited to be a part of the end of the year social. It will be held on Thursday, May 30 starting at 3:35 p.m. That is early dismissal so you will be able to get everything completed and then join the fun!


If you have not given your class names to Jeanie, please do so by Monday afternoon so that she can get your certificates printed. Stickers for this year will be:

*A Honor Roll

*A/B Honor Roll

*Perfect Attendance all year

*Most Improved

*Principal's Award

*Citizenship - got their 10 caught being good slips

All of the stickers are in a box behind Deanna's desk. Please take ONLY the exact number that you need. Each one is a circle with the name on it EXCEPT STAR student and it is the gold star.


*KARA - for your amazing work on making sure STAAR runs smoothly daily without any hitches.

* RACHEL M - being the impeccable helper to ensure that STAAR runs smoothly!

*BECKY - Thanks for taking care of so many things upon your return. You jumped right back in and didn't miss a beat! - Tami

*JEANIE - for printing certificates and kinder diplomas and more certificates. - Tami

* LAVONNE, MARIA AND KATHY FARRIS - for helping with make up testing on Thursday! - Kara

* ALL TEST ADMINISTRATORS - for making testing run smoothly without any issues! - Kara

* LISBETH, MONIQUE, NANCY, LISA, BROOKE, JAYDA, DEANNA, VIRGINIA, AND MICHELLE - for the best "potty patrol" personnel around. - Kara

* KATHY FARRIS - for being my accommodation double checker. - Kara

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


18 - Building Open

19 - Jeff Dye's brthday

20 - Faculty Meeting

21 - Fourth grade to War Eagle Challenge

22 - Principals' Meeting/5th grade math placement test

24 - Fun Day

26 - Erin Ryan's birthday

27 - Memorial Day Holiday/Jeanie Wyatt's birthday

28 - Kinder Graduation/ORHS graduation

29 - Fourth grade graduation

30 - Last day of school/early dismissal

30 - Staff social after school

31 - Staff workday


1 - Building Open

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