Wheelchair rugby

By: Kristin Thompson and Ashten Wheeler


Wheelchair rugby is a combination of demolition race and basketball.Some guys in Ohio have disabilities and they started a team and compete against other teams. Some of the guys said that when they play it makes them feel normal.They are looking for other people with disabilities to play. Some other people have watched them and said that it is awesome to see people with these disabilities and still play a the level they play.


Quadriplegics- someone one that has problems with there arms and legs. It is important because that is why they play.

Wheelchair rugby- a mix of basketball and demolition derby. It is the sport they play.

physical disabilities- a condition or function judged to be significantly impaired related to the usual standard of an individual or group.


You might think it’s weird and not for you, but just come to a practice and try the sport for the betterment of your health,” said Zuravel.

“We can walk everywhere; they can’t," said Haas.

Main Idea

Disabled people who play wheelchair rugby.

Authors purpose

To persuade people that wheelchair rugby helps people with spinal cord injuries and helps them.

Questions and answers

What is wheelchair rugby similar too? A demolition race and basketball

How much do they practice? Every day for 3 hours